Awards of Excellence

Residential Maintenance

AwardsAwards of Excellence WinnerThis large corner property in central Toronto is surrounded by a mature Yew hedge which is tightly trimmed for added privacy. The boulevard is also maintained and is an extension of the expansive grounds. The 9 sections of lawn are edged with gardens including Boxwoods, Lilacs, Euonymus, Perennials and Annuals. A fountain and seasonal planters enhance this spectacular property.

Residential Maintenance

AwardsAwards of Excellence WinnerThis urban estate is bursting with blooms. The large strategically placed gardens and generous planters create an exceptional experience. The private rear terraces are surrounded by mature evergreens, tall grasses, perennials and annual gardens. The plantings reflect the client’s wishes to be surrounded by flowers throughout the seasons.

Non Turf Ravine-edge Oasis

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThis downtown estate sits on the crest of a Ravine with various small pockets of lush low growth under a canopy of Maple Forest. The rear garden pool overlooks the natural ravine garden which includes a private reading bench to provide a little quiet time. The large front Peony gardens are surrounded by formal Boxwood hedges.

Container Gardening

AwardsAwards of Excellence WinnerThe client’s residence is the ultimate urban experience in a row of beautiful townhouses. The international businessman calls this home on the weekend and when he arrives wants his home to reflect his lifestyle. The request is simple “just make them fabulous” for the front planters which are replicas from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Residential Maintenance and Annual Plantings

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThis elegant stone home sits on a ravine setting in north Toronto. The newly completed stonework created planting beds to make the entrance to this residence a breathtaking experience. Rich colours, abundant plantings and window boxes overflow with blooms. The lawns and gardens which frame the abundant plantings make this residence an award winning show stopper.

Special Interest Maintenance – Tropical Paradise with Artificial Turf

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThis property in mid-town Toronto conjures up the views, scents and colours of a Tropical Paradise. The Client entertains in a poolside setting with many tropical plants to maintain like Agapanthus, Hibiscus, Bouganvilleas and Birds of Paradise.

The frustration of dense shade led to the installation of Artificial Turf in Front and Poolside, which, although not needing to be cut, does need to be kept clean and free of debris. The appearance of natural turf is achieved by rolling the mowers over it to create the “lines” of fresh-cut grass. The root systems and general health of the mature Beech and Maples are maintained in these unusual conditions.

The back Gardens are afforded plenty of privacy by perimeter hedges and lots of lush gardens of Annuals and Perennials.

Residential Construction – $25 – 50k Outdoor Family Room

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThe existing back yard had a patio in place composed of large flagstone. However, the patio was incorrectly laid on pea gravel and as a result, the stones shifted out of place. Drainage issues were a problem with the home, and the original 1960ʼs installation was dated and crumbling. River rock embedded in concrete had to be removed, as well as elevation changes that were compounding the drainage problems.

The house has a very unique style that we were able to work with when designing the new landscape. The patio was lifted and new gravel base materials were added, the existing flagstone was re-used and additional stone added to enlarge the patio. A rectangular banding pattern was used to add definition. A wooden Arbor was installed to support the existing mature Wisteria Vine.

The previous entryway to the back yard was narrow and awkward. Interlocking brick was installed at the side of the house for ease of access and storage. The Arbor, and widened entranceway to the back helped to create a much more appealing and functional entranceway into the back garden. All plant materials had to be very shade tolerant, and some native species were used.

Balcony Or Container Gardens – Family-style Seasonal Urn Displays

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThe client is very interested in all aspects of her landscape and allows our designers the opportunity to make suggestions or changes and to introduce the unusual. The client also requested that our designers keep in mind her young family and their friends when installing the seasonal displays. Each installation should reflect the changing seasons and complement the house and the neighbourhood.

Construction, Balcony or Rooftop Garden

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerThis award-winning rooftop garden brings additional life and colour to a modern, linear garage.

Featuring an eclectic mix of grasses, wildflowers and other ornamental flowering plants that have wildlife benefits. This garden was designed to mimic the natural growth that you’d see in any of Toronto’s protected greenspaces.

Residential Construction – $50,000-$100,000

AwardsAwards of Excellence WinnerThis client wanted a natural backyard getaway which incorporated intricate patio work and a unique shrub layout.

A backyard bench is the centrepiece for this design. It sits atop a natural stone patio and is surrounded by a hedge which nestles the contours of the backyard.

It’s a perfect natural escape located in the heart of the city.

Green Roofs

Awards of Excellence WinnerThis is one of three rooftop gardens that won an Award of Excellence in 2015.This ultra-modern garage has been transformed into a vibrant meadow teeming with pollinators that is made up of an eclectic mix of native wildflowers and grasses. Each roof has different plant combinations, adding beauty and biodiversity to a property with stunning native gardens throughout.

Green Wall

Awards of Excellence WinneAn award winner in the most innovative landscaping trend, this gorgeous mobile green wall is the perfect canvas for bringing to life seasonal masterpieces from geometric abstraction to impressionistic whimsy. Our vertical designs incorporate many colourful spring, summer, and autumn plants used in delightful new ways. Even the cold brings uniquely regional winter designs using cut evergreens and accents. Our living architecture is like a kaleidoscope that evolves as plants grow and seasons change.

Special Interest Maintenance, Residential or Commercial

Awards Awards of Excellence WinnerAn award-winner in the hottest landscaping trend – this gorgeous arrangement contains plant material that is both  sculptural and decorative.