In order to receive Platinum LEED® Canada Certification, all landscaping design projects in our service area of Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, North Toronto, Bridle Path and Hoggs Hollow must adhere to the following guidelines:

Platinum Leed ®

  • No non-native plants could be used.
  • Turf had to be drought-tolerant and not used in densely shaded areas or areas with a slope of 25% or more.
  • Mulch had to be used to reduce erosion and water loss and to regulate soil temperature.
  • Soil had to be tilled to a specific depth. Plants, too, had to be drought-tolerant to achieve a target for reduced water demand.

The design also needed to respect microclimate impacts to reduce local heat-island effects and the irrigation system had to meet its own set of stringent requirements…and these are just a few of the strict criteria required for Platinum LEED® certification.

So if environmental sustainability is high on your list of priorities, we know what to do and can apply many or all of the same standards to your project.