They’ve been frustrated by:

  • crews that don’t show up when they say they will (if at all)
  • companies that don’t do everything they promise to do
  • poorly trained workers who make expensive mistakes
  • dealing with multiple contractors instead of just one
  • landscape designers who disregard your preferences
  • surly customer service
  • lack of communication
  • poor attention to detail
  • seasonal displays that look like everyone else’s
  • irrigation systems that drown plants and damage building foundations
  • companies that disappear

We make it easy to have a beautiful garden – one that’s healthier and looks better year after year. Our people are experts who listen to what you want and respond to requests promptly. They’ll keep you informed, show up when they say they will, and will clean up after themselves properly. You’ll never have to deal with different landscaping companies and conflicting schedules. They’ll handle everything for you from start to finish, and will take just as much pride in the end result as you will.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

OMG! Just got home and the pond looks GREAT. We are over the moon!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
J. Betts
Thank you for the wonderful job. Our front & back gardens are immaculate & we are enjoying them every day. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work.
Kevin Lee & Family
I wanted to compliment you on the terrific pots that you and your team did for my house yesterday. They are all beautiful…really attractive and very creative display. I think you guys are one of, or in fact, the top designers in the city!
Susan Hershman
Clean-up was immaculate!
Bridget B.
Looking forward to your beautiful winter urn displays! Such a wonderful job your staff does for our site here at Quantum.
Doris Henrique, Senior Property manager, MintoUrban Communities
I love my front garden – it’s such a cheerful thing to look at. Thank you and your fellow gardeners so much.
Lawrence Park client
I think you guys really outdid yourselves this year. The urns and mums are to die for.
Bridget B.
I’m back from the cottage. Thank you so much for the wonderful work on our lawn and retaining wall. It’s such a pleasure to have your services!
Pamela Taylor
Ian called…to rave over his pleasure with the way the whole project looks and feels in place – especially those hotly debated honey locust trees…so thank you on his behalf as well.
James Hay, Sterling Hall
A real compliment was paid to you today. Our stager…was overwhelmed by the change in the front and immediately demanded your name, which I have provided to her. She…said she has never seen a better job. So see, lots of us appreciate your work. We hope you have a happy Easter weekend and get a good rest so you can make more people very happy next week. Thank you again.
Susan Keohane
We are really happy with all the excellent work that your team has done on our house project. Thanks so much to all of you!
Frances Clark

When a long-time client went into hospital for an operation in the fall, two of our planting staff secretly planted scores of additional tulips in her garden to surprise her in the spring with a lavish burst of colour to cheer her up during her long recuperation.

This is one of the kindest gestures I have received since returning home. I have no words to express how deeply touched I am.
Name withheld for privacy reasons

And here are some stories that our own people have been told, or have experienced:

One client said their previous company always left an ugly pile of grass clippings and other debris on the curb in front of their house.
Brent Donaldson
I had a client who complained that their big-leaf hydrangea wouldn’t bloom. It turned out that someone at another company had cut the plant back—right down to the ground—in the spring. I had to explain that they should have removed only the dead wood because the flowers can only grow on old wood.
Larissa Stipetic
When irrigation contracts go to the lowest bidder, homeowners often lose their lawns and end up with expensive foundation leaks because some companies install the systems too close to the house and angle the nozzles improperly.
Chris Little
I gave a contractor an estimate for an irrigation system for a green roof. Another company came in lower, but within two weeks, the contractor and client were calling me to fix it. They’d lost all the plants and the walls and windows were turning green.
Chris Little
When people see their lawn going yellow, they think it’s thirsty. In fact, quite often it’s been overwatered or hasn’t been de-thatched properly.
Richard Lubbers
There was an estate we were servicing where the larger trees were all slowly declining. It turned out they’d been planted on top of a hard clay base so although they looked fabulous for the first five years, once the roots tried to go deeper, they couldn’t penetrate the clay, and neither could water, so the roots were drowning a slow death.
Allan Sinclair
Other companies don’t give the same care and attention to detail that we provide, like cleaning up (grass clippings) between the garage and the neighbour’s house, just what’s visible from the street. We clean up on all four sides of the house.
Darren Young