Why Your Sprinklers Need Summer Check-Up

Hard Working Systems Automated lawn irrigation is one of the best investments you can make in your landscape design, both for aesthetics and for your lifestyle. Sprinkler systems provide the most efficient watering of your lawn and garden, reducing wastage and lowering your bills by conserving water. They also ensure your garden is never over watered -causing standing […]

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Weed Control for Growing Lawns

For those who love having a manicured lawn, weeds are public enemy number one, spoiling an otherwise soft expanse of beautiful green grass. The first step toward weed control in your lawn is keeping your grass healthy and vigorous. Dense, actively growing turf is less likely to play host to invading weeds. Still, it’s impossible […]

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Turf Care Basics

There are plenty of different approaches to the care and maintenance of lawns. Some people are happy to cut every couple of weeks and leave it at that, while others view lawn maintenance as an ongoing challenge and responsibility. Some will spend hours every weekend trying to produce perfect, weed-free, evenly grown turf. For the […]

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