How a Good Sprinkler System Benefits You

Having a great looking lawn and garden can enhance the look and value of any home.

A beautifully maintained outdoor space will have you being the envy of all of your friends and neighbours.

However, taking the time to water your plants and lawn on a consistent, planned schedule can be difficult.

That’s where a great sprinkler system from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care can come into play!

Increasing the value of your home

A beautiful looking lawn and garden can increase the value of your home through curb appeal because when the outside of your home looks impeccable, people are left with a great first impression!

Sprinkling the gardenYour garden will look better immediately

By installing or updating a sprinkler system, your garden care will look better than it has ever been.

A well maintained garden will become a reality that’s easily achieved!


Lawn SprinklersIs a custom sprinkler system worth the investment?

There are many sprinkler systems out there to choose from that range in price.

However, be warned that not all sprinkler systems take into account the specifications of your garden.

As only experts can tell you, different types of plants and lawn need to be watered differently.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration when maintaining, designing and installing an irrigation system, including:

  • Frequency of watering
  • Drainage
  • Type of plants
  • Sun exposure

With a traditional sprinkler system, your entire lawn will be treated the same with no consideration given to factors such as sunny and shady spots, higher and lower ground, etc.

When you have a custom sprinkler system from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care installed your garden is not only completely taken care of, but you are not wasting water where it is not needed.


By ensuring that your sprinkler system is running at its peak, you’ll not only keep it running effectively, but you’ll also ensure that the impact on the environment is minimal.

At Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, we can perform preventative and regular seasonal service and maintenance on your sprinkler system including:


  • Adjusting watering levels to meet seasonal demands
  • Full inspections of irrigation systems to check for leaks and broken parts
  • Seasonally change and adjust heads when plants grow

In addition to these, we’ll also open and close your sprinklers seasonally, choosing the best time to put your system into hibernation for you and your garden.

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