How to Landscape Your Backyard for Privacy

Outdoor bed in garden

Most people realize that they could add some landscaping features to their backyard to make it more private and intimate. However, it seems like a daunting task. All too often, attempts to add privacy to a backyard end up looking like you’re trying to put up a blockade. A single hedge or wall works, but it isn’t always pretty. We’ll go over your options for adding privacy and show you how to combine them to create a more beautiful space. 


There are many architectural elements that can add privacy to your backyard, including: 

  • Walls: Don’t just consider full walls. Consider combining half-walls with other elements that are full on the top but sparse on the bottom, like trees. 
  • Lattices and trellises: These are great ways to add height to your privacy screen. Don’t cover a whole yard in a lattice or you’ll block the light. Selectively place a thin lattice in one or two spots.   
  • Pergolas: Some yards benefit from ceilings to block the view from the neighbour’s second story. Pergolas can obscure the view without blocking all of the light. 


Now consider these plants to combine with the architectural features you’ve chosen: 

  • Container gardens: How do you divide space on a deck, where there is no soil? Try containers of tall plants. 
  • Hedges: Don’t just consider full hedges. Half-sized hedges can add privacy and they are easier to maintain. 
  • Shrubs: Is your horizontal space limited? Then consider adding shrubs that are narrow and upright.   
  • Trees: Trees can be a great privacy option, but they can take a long time to fill in the space. 
  • Grasses: Grasses grow much faster than trees and are also simpler to maintain. Many kinds of grass can grow to six feet! 

Pergolla with flowers on top

Combining for More Privacy    

Here’s the fun part: mixing and matching elements to create a private space that is more dynamic and beautiful. The main strategy here is to create a staggered effect, where you start with smaller privacy options and layer them with taller or wider ones. Here are some other strategies you can use: 

  • Focal points: Draw attention away from your seating by creating a larger focal point elsewhere, such as a water feature or a large tree. 
  • Vines: Combine vines with lattices, pergolas, and trellises to fill them in with greenery and blooms. 
  • Half-walls and grass: One of our favourite new combinations is to have a half wall and plant a tall variety of ornamental grass behind it. The result is a lot of privacy with a lot of texture. 

When you’re combining elements, make sure you’ve planned out how tall and wide your plants will grow, or they will end up obscuring one another. 

Do you want to enjoy your backyard, but feel like your neighbours can see into it? Call Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care today and let us help you achieve a more private, beautiful yard.