Let Us Do Your Lawn Care Chores This Summer

Now that summer is on its way, the last thing you want to think about is lawn care chores and landscaping upkeep.

Let your lawn care experts at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care do all the hard work for you, so that you can enjoy your summer.

It’s Maintenance Season

Spring is the time to center your focus on getting your lawn healthy and growing again after winter, which means summer is the season you focus on ensuring your lawn stays healthy, green, and lush.

The summer time is also a season when there will be a much higher amount of traffic on your lawn, with all of the summertime events such as barbecues, parties, and games.

Here are some of the ways we can help you keep your lawn looking beautiful all throughout the hottest months of summer.

Water Well

Proper watering is essential to avoid your grass going dormant however, it’s important that you make sure you aren’t watering too frequently.

But how do you know how much is too much?

Having a proper irrigation system is the answer to keeping your lawn hydrated and looking great all summer long.

We provide irrigation system design and installation services that take into account the botanical makeup of your unique property and the geography of the land.

  • Drainage and accumulation of groundwater
  • Plants that require more water than others
  • Plants that metabolize water better earlier in the day, late at night, or vice versa

No two lawns are the same, so we don’t treat our irrigation systems that way.

Our custom irrigation systems are designed and installed to be fully automatic and programmed to treat each microclimate zone differently.

If you’re tired of watering your lawn, or aren’t sure how much water your landscaping needs, contact us. We guarantee you’ll see results with our irrigation system.

Mow Properly

Lawn care takes serious time and effort, but you shouldn’t spend your beautiful, sunny days outside pushing a lawn mower. That’s what we’re here for!

A great lawn looks natural, thick, and vibrant. But it isn’t easy to obtain on your own.

Let us use our time and energy on your lawn so that you have more free time to spend on yourself, your family, and your friends.

Grass cutting and trimming is necessary in maintaining a healthy lawn.

Our team will observe the condition of your lawn each week, and handle any issues that may occur. This service is available from May until late October, call now to schedule!


When you’re trying to regrow your lawn after a harsh winter, the one thing that helps is proper fertilization.

  • We use natural, organic products that are safe for children and pets and produce incredible results. Our fertilizer is one of our secrets to thick lawns and weed prevention.
  • Lawn aeration is an extremely important lawn maintenance technique that is often overlooked. This practice penetrates the lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients deep down into the soil, so your lawn can grow.
  • Slit seeding is another technique we are known for. We loosen the soil and insert grass seed beneath your existing lawn, which helps prevent weeds and grows a thicker, healthier lawn.

You can rely on our team for your lawn and garden care to avoid the frustration of dealing with lawn care chores.

Ready To Relax?

Are you ready to get your lawn care chores taken off your plate? We’re ready to handle them.

The lawn care experts at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care is here to give your lawn the edge over weeds and hot weather this summer.

Contact us today to learn more about our complete lawn care services.