Sprinkler Systems: Keeping Your Garden Beautiful

Craig Hutchinson, President of Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, recently contributed an article to Neighbours of Lawrence Park South Magazine about choosing a landscape designer. Here’s his article as it appears.

Creating your dream outdoor living space takes a lot of time, effort, and expense. But whether you’re hosting a barbeque with family and friends, or sipping a cool drink with a special someone, you’ll realize that the investment was well worth it.

Keeping your gardens, lawns, and planters protected and looking their best throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons is of utmost importance to preserving your home’s outdoor beauty. One way to ensure a healthy, attractive landscape is by using a customized and programmable sprinkler system.

The many benefits of a sprinkler system

  • The cost of a sprinkler system is relatively small when compared to the expense of replacing your plants if you go away on vacation without a system installed. Or, if you get busy with family events or work, or become otherwise unable to care for your garden, your sprinkler system will look after it for you.
  • Sprinkler systems are easily programmable to turn on for the right amount of time in each area of your garden a few times per week. Not only does this offer peace of mind that your landscape will retain its original beauty, it will also free up your time to do other things you enjoy, as well as ensure consistent water management.
  • Also, weather can change dramatically between spring, summer, and fall. Fluctuations in rain levels at any time are also a concern, such as during the drought we experienced this past summer. Your sprinkler system can adjust to maintain the proper balance of water throughout the seasons. If you’re traveling and hear of a drought or heavy rains back home, you can be assured that your sprinkler system is looking after your garden properly.
  • Although many highly motivated homeowners feel they can maintain their gardens on their own, always ready to provide the right amount of water at the right time, their well-intended plans often don’t work out. Distractions from gardening can occur, putting their plants at risk of drying out and potentially needing replacement.

Take the hassle out of watering with a custom sprinkler system

It’s never too late to install a sprinkler system into your garden, but it’s best to integrate it into your plans when first designing your landscape. This will ensure proper installation that’s in keeping with your landscape’s original aesthetic, and reduce disruption later on.

Just like your plants, sprinkler systems require seasonal maintenance, too

It’s important to remember that to maintain efficient performance, sprinkler systems need seasonal maintenance. Over time, parts wear out, controllers needs replacing, and rain sensors begin to fail. Because many of the operational parts of your system are underground, potential problems may not be evident when you turn it on in the spring. It’s always a good idea to have your system professionally adjusted and inspected regularly to prevent any mid-season garden disasters.

Because perennials and shrubs grow over the course of the summer, irrigation heads will also need to be regularly checked to make sure that the growth isn’t blocking the heads. Blocked irrigation heads can result in uneven water distribution.

Don’t wait any longer — Get your customized sprinkler system now

In the long run, protecting your outdoor living space with a sprinkler system is a wise move that will preserve the beauty of your investment, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Craig Hutchinson is co-owner of Lawrence Park Garden Care. You can reach him at 416-481-1888 or email [email protected]

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