Why Your Sprinklers Need Summer Check-Up

Automated sprinkler systemHard Working Systems

Automated lawn irrigation is one of the best investments you can make in your landscape design, both for aesthetics and for your lifestyle.

Sprinkler systems provide the most efficient watering of your lawn and garden, reducing wastage and lowering your bills by conserving water.

They also ensure your garden is never over watered -causing standing water spot or poor draining- or under watered -causing ugly dry or brown spots. Having a rain sensor attached to your system completes the water conservation package.

This produces the best quality garden, with top plant health and weed reduction -a thriving green landscape. These systems do a big job to save us time! However, they  require regular check ups and maintenance to keep the garden looking their best.

Smart garden care relies on all parts of your system to be working efficiently. Small repairs can prevent large replacement bills later.

Adjustments to your settings can match watering to seasonal demands and allow a green gardens with less water. Reduced strain on your system means a more cost effective approach and a lush garden as well.

SprinkerSummer Services

The benefits of seasonal maintenance on your sprinkler systems are many, and this is especially true in summer.

Your lawn care technician will evaluate each component of your sprinkler system for issues or problems like:


  • Wear and tear
  • Damage to heads
  • Clogged or leaking lines

After a hard winter, your irrigation system has taken a lot from the cold and may have weather related damage.

A complete system check allows us the chance to inspect for cold related problems like cracks in pipes due to repeated freezing. We also provide specialized services in late fall to prepare your system for winter.

At the beginning of the season, it is important to turn on your sprinklers in a specific way to reduce the chance of damage to lines from sudden pressure.

Sprinkler maintenance should always be performed by a trained professional, who knows how to perform these duties in a manner that will not cause burst or cracked pipes.

Lawn SprinklersSystem Evolution

Seasonal maintenance also provides the perfect opportunity to analyze your current system and decide whether replacements or upgrades are recommended.

These can include elements or components such as:


  • New, more efficient sprinkler heads, or
  • Systems that detect rain and adjust automatically, reducing waste and over watering.

Your lawn care specialist will provide you with ideas to make your lawn more beautiful as well as to save money on more efficient watering.

We’ll Give Your Sprinkler System a Summer Check-Up

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If you would like to talk to a qualified professional about home sprinkler systems or feel it is time for a check up, contact us today.