Start Planning Your Summer Landscape Project Right Now!

Work with professionals

To realize your home landscape vision requires planning and expert landscaping assistance with design and construction. The first and most critical step, though, is to get your ideas down on paper. What have you always wanted?

No matter how you envision your garden, you will need plenty of time to review the small details. Planning cannot be rushed. For example, are you interested in designing a serenity corner overflowing with a water feature or making use of natural stone in your landscape design? How will the two work together? Without the time to dream, sketch, research and write out your vision, it likely will not be fully realized.

Preparation is key

Your relationship with your landscaping design company must be nurtured, just like an award-winning garden. And the best companies are always booked early.

To get the kind of personalized care that you desire you must make contact now and initiate the conversation about your landscape to ensure you can get the benefit of our expert advice. LPCGC needs some time to prepare for your project too. The right shrubs or natural materials are not always on hand; advanced ordering ensures we can get what you want, when you want it.

Less stress

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be doing at the end of spring and the start of your summer is hustling around the GTA trying to find the right landscape designer, or worse yet, hauling dirt and trying to make your own raised beds. Wouldn’t you rather spend your spring watching your garden undergo a magical transformation?

Plan now so the actual process of completing your landscaping will be as stress free as possible.

Enjoy your summer 

Can you visualize sitting on your old deck in July and August wishing that you were surveying the landscape of your dreams? No regrets this summer. Take the bull by the horns and give us a call!

Summers are hot and sticky enough. Don’t make it any harder on yourself! If you want to delight in a garden filled with butterflies, spectacular flowers, and edible and native plants, you can! If you want to come home, sit outside and listen to the water of your garden fountain, or stroll along your vegetable beds that seamlessly transition into brilliant wildflowers, you can! Plan now and the summer will be yours to enjoy.

Beautiful gardens don’t just happen

Think of your neighbours front entryway or that serene and stunning backyard garden you envy. We can say with certainty they start planning their landscape when the snow is still on the ground every year. Beautiful gardens don’t happen accidentally.. Beautiful gardens are planned early, and there’s no reason why yours can’t be, too.

Ready to get started today? Contact Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care.