You and Your Pet Will Love These Non-Toxic Plants That Repel Fleas

cat safe plants

A beautiful garden can draw admirable looks from your neighbours and be pleasant for you and your family – but have you considered cultivating a garden that is pet safe? Whether you’re looking for plants that repel fleas, or you’re seeking pet safe garden plants, there’s a whole lot of options to explore.

Find plants that do it all!

If you are interested in repelling fleas, we have great news: most plants that are unpleasant for fleas are also unpleasant for pesky mosquitoes. Plus, these same plants are very pleasant for humans and pets! Many of them have enjoyable smells, look very beautiful, all while acting as natural pesticides for yourself, your pets, and your garden.

Four plants that will do the trick are:

  • Lemon balm – A member of the mint family, but with a lemony scent, lemon balm attracts bees and butterflies. Consider growing it outside near entrances and areas you tend to spend a lot of time to maximize its flea and mosquito repellent qualities.
  • Catnip – In addition to repelling fleas, it also repels cockroaches! Be sure to plant catnip in a spot where your cat can enjoy it without damaging nearby plants.
  • Marigolds – These flea and mosquito repellents produce beautiful flowers that are also edible. Plus, they repel pests that tend to go after vegetable plants.
  • Lavender – In addition to repelling fleas and mosquitos, lavender has beautiful purple flowers that give off a therapeutic aroma. It can be grown inside or out to keep bugs away.

Your furry friend will appreciate the lack of pests these plants provide, and your itch-free skin will love them, too!

If you are looking for an extra treat for your feline, consider planting cat grass. It is very easy to grow inside and it adds a beautiful splash of green to your home. Follow these and in a week, your cat will have a tasty treat to graze on.

cat safe plants in garden

On the topic of cats, any feline lover knows that cats love to explore, prowl, and chew on plants. If you are going to allow your cat into your garden, consider including these three non-toxic plants:

  • Scented geraniums – These flowers provide a citrusy aroma and your cat will love to rub themselves against it
  • Cosmos – These wispy and colourful flowers are beautiful to the human eye and enticing for your cat
  • Sunflowers – Beautiful flowers with minimal effort, sunflowers are easy to grow, and their large blooms are fun for cats to swat at when they are planted near structures they can climb on.

Let us know if you have any questions about plants that can be attractive for yourself, your neighbourhood, and your cat, while also repelling unwanted pests like fleas. Our expert team loves sharing tips with our community. Contact us to learn more.