Your Property Should Reflect Your Vision

Few estate owners have the time to take care of weekly property maintenance tasks like grass cutting, watering and evaluating the health of seasonal urn displays.

Even a task like grass cutting requires a special approach when applied in an estate landscaping context.

Just like the putting surfaces and fairways on a golf course, we alter the cutting direction weekly to ensure your grass doesn’t develop wear in one direction.

Nourish Your Plants

A large estate can have unique landscape design features separated by great expanses. The most effective method to deliver water at the right time and in the right quantities is a sprinkler system.

toronto estate landscaping

Our sprinkler systems can be set to a timer, ensuring your different landscape elements receive the right dose of water before the sun goes up, as the sun sets and while you’re away from home.

Great Design Opportunities

An estate property gives our designers the chance to create beautiful, spanning landscape designs that incorporate multi-level gardens, stone masonry, many seasonal urns, trees and shrubs, water features and more.

toronto estate landscaping

Tying all these elements together to create a uniform style unique to your property is our specialty and maintaining it gives us pride.

Our experience and commitment to employee education keep us on the edge of design and technology trends.

Contact us today to discuss the vision you have for the future of your estate landscaping.