Custom Irrigation System Designed for Your Garden in Toronto

Once we’ve installed your sprinkler system, we want to help keep it running at peak efficiency by providing essential related services, like:

Kids running through Lawn Sprinkler system in Toronto

  • Seasonal Service and Maintenance – For most of our clients we make regularly scheduled service calls to inspect your Irrigation system and make any adjustments needed.This can include things like adjustments to the volume of water used across different seasons. Our seasonal service considerations have a significant impact on the overall health and appearance of your lawn and garden.
  • Spring Opening and Fall Closing – Every spring we do a complete inspection of your irrigation system. Our team inspects every part of the system and delivers a report to you before the watering season begins. In the fall, our team helps to choose the right timing to hibernate the system and blows out any remaining water, ensuring plants and equipment are properly prepared for the winter.

Why Go Custom?

Our custom irrigation systems are fully automatic and programmed to treat each microclimate zone differently.

Irrigation system in toronto

Standard systems treat the sunny side of your lawn the same as the shady side, the low areas the same as the high ones, the exposed areas the same as the sheltered ones.

These systems can turn parts of your garden into a swamp, wasting water and your investment in plants.

We guarantee you’ll see results this season if you enlist us for your sprinkler system’s installation and regular service. Contact us today.