Brent Donaldson

Team Leader (Horticultural Service Representative, With Lawrence Park since 2008)

Brent DonaldsonBrent always knew he wanted to do something “green” but he wasn’t sure exactly what. So he enrolled in Fleming College’s School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences and studied forestry, geology, fish and wildlife, gaming and integrated pest management. What he enjoyed most, however, was working at the college in groundskeeping and landscaping, which he continued to do for two years after finishing. Next, he landed a job with a landscaping firm in Toronto and began a three-year apprenticeship program in Horticulture at Humber College. He was then hired by a design-build landscaping company in Toronto and within a year, became a foreman. After that, he studied Landscape Design and Drafting at Ryerson and by the time he joined Lawrence Park, he had a decade of experience under his belt. Today he manages crews on two routes and provides exceptional customer service to his clients, some of whom have been with the firm since the very beginning. Brent is proud to be with a professional company that cares deeply about clients’ gardens and is proactive about protecting them. “Most other companies don’t look for problems like tree, lawn and plant diseases or insect infestations. (Most) hire summer students with no vested interest in the properties they serve. My foremen have a good eight or nine years of experience and their crewmates have four or five years. So they know what they’re doing—and it shows.”