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Garden care is performed almost as often as your lawn care. We offer complete Toronto gardening services, from pruning, fertilizing and spraying roses to pruning and trimming shrubs and trees. You can have your gardens edged and your perennials and annuals deadheaded. Taking care of a garden requires much more than simple weeding (which we provide to our customers as well). Our experts can provide all these services to give your garden exactly what it needs.

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Reliable and Thorough Lawn care and Gardening Maintenance

No two Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, North Toronto, Bridle Path and Hoggs Hollow gardens are the same.

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Our goal is to help you realize your garden’s full potential by customizing an approach just for you.

Factors like drainage and groundwater, previous landscaping or construction, soil quality and the presence of large trees all have an impact on the details of your garden maintenance package. Don’t trust a company that tells you one service package will fit all.

Safe for Children, Pets and the Environment

Our philosophy is focused on health and safety. We believe in using products that are safe for children and pets.

We use methods that protect your property and the health of your garden.

Our natural fertilizers will encourage fast and robust growth for your plants and flowers while our natural remedies will combat insects and other garden pests.

A Garden that’s Ready for Anything

In the fall, we tackle the big end-of-season jobs like leaf removal and preparing your sensitive plants for the winter ahead.


A personalized garden care
plan to get your garden
ready for anything.

In the winter, we hill your Roses and cut back your Hostas and daylilies. We winterize your Rhododendrons, packing them carefully with straw.

We clean out your hedges and shrubs as well as your window wells, stairwells and driveway drains.

We empty pots and urns and (if you want), we stow them in your shed. We wrap your conifers and hedges in burlap.

We clean out ponds and fountains and prepare them for winter.

In the spring, we prepare your garden for the growing season ahead by removing winter debris, de-mounding roses and rhododendrons and cleaning out hedges and shrubs, window wells, stairwells and driveway drains.

We also dethatch your lawn to get your lawn ready for the summer months ahead.

When you’re ready to book a home visit with one of our expert consultants, contact us here. We look forward to caring for you and your garden with our award-winning Toronto gardening services.

Contact us today for your complete lawn & garden care service and our expert team will help you get exactly what you want.