The pots were spectacular and I can’t thank you enough for how special they were. My MIL is over the moon! She is so proud of them!

– DeVere Gardens

My sprinkler system was opened a short time ago by Mike and Jason. Both are a real credit to your company. They present well and both are gentlemanly and friendly. Mike was very patient addressing my questions and answered them well and certainly to my satisfaction. It was a real pleasure dealing with them this morning. I wanted you to know from my point of view you have 2 very good employees in Mike and Jason.

– Yvonne

I have to tell you, I’ve been living here for over twenty years and I have never had a garden care company that I’ve been happy with … until this year. You guys are amazing!

– Janet

Gord and I want to thank you and Pedro for helping us deal with a scary and immediate problem. Pedro was impressive and efficient. He was also very nice. We liked him immensely. We also met with the crew and they were all busily at work making it beautifully awake. We are beyond grateful for your help.

With our thanks and very best wishes.

I love the new plantings! The carnivorous pitcher plants are wonderful and exotic. And the cork wood have such great texture and shape. The excellent creative talents of your team are definitely in evidence! Thanks so much

– Fran

Please extend my thanks to your team. What a great job they did here.
10 out of 10.

– Eric

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much again!!!
I’m completely blown away by the care, creativity and hard work of your amazing team!!!
I am so in love with my new front yard and I’m looking forward to watching it come to life over the years.
I am really so impressed by all of you and your team’s amazing work.

– Sunny

You and your team have done a phenomenal job. It started with a fabulous design, continued with a hard-working, dedicated and personable crew.

Throughout the process we’ve been impressed with your high level of professionalism and customer service. We’re really looking forward to seeing the finished product by the end of the week.

– Oriole Pkwy

I cannot believe how totally amazing the front looks. All my neighbours love it and so do I. Thanks for getting it done so fast. Your team is so amazing an I truly cannot say enough. Thanks thanks again.

– Annette

The service this year has been excellent. The guys made the property look amazing. Thank you for all the hard work.

– Cranbrooke Ave

We would like to thank you again for helping us with our drainage issue in the back garden.

You came along to see the assignment and knew right away what needed to be done. You provided excellent advice and carried out the work very diligently.

We are very happy with the result. The swale along the side of the house is functional as well as visually appealing.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

– Carmie & Peter Drumm

Wowee zowie capowie! The sandbox looks fantastic. Thanks so much for taking care of that. We invested a lot into getting that sandbox built, and you took care of the final touches that will make it such a valuable backyard feature.


– Spice & Carrie

I just want to let you know what an amazing job your crew did cleaning up the yard…they were fast & efficient did not miss a detail…..taking into consideration what a bad winter we had I give them a AAA rating! Thanks..

– Bridget

Even better than the robins, I love to see your team pull up as one of the first signs of spring! It’s good to have them back.


– Meredith

What a wonderful transformation. The garden looks beautiful. The women were so hard working obliging and professional. Nancy even gave me a few tips!

– Sue

I was very impressed with professional hard working team headed by Larissa and looks forward to having them back at the end of the month.

– Sue

Ben and his crew did a great job of the planting. Many thanks for the good management and the intelligent work by Ben and his team.

– Jane

Your crew did an excellent and professional job today.

– Paul

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