Living Walls, Tower Gardens, and More

Toronto is always at the forefront of modern design trends. At Lawrence Park, we’re committed to embracing innovative and environmentally friendly gardening practices. Creating green roof gardens for Toronto residential and commercial properties in Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, North Toronto, Bridle Path and Hoggs Hollow is an emerging trend we’re particularly excited about.

Green roofs are wonderful for urban areas. They can reduce energy consumption by insulating and cooling buildings. They reduce and purify storm runoff and release oxygen into the atmosphere. They also create beautiful green and flowering environments that can be enjoyed when viewed from above and below.

Almost any roof can add something special to your property by going green—whether it’s your home, your pool house, your children’s playhouse or garden shed. (Imagine if every condo and commercial building in Toronto went green. Imagine what a difference that could make to our air quality and how beautiful those buildings would look from above.)

We can design your green roof garden, our experts are certified in green roof installation and irrigation. We can also offer you a maintenance schedule that’s an integral part of your green roof’s warranty, thereby ensuring you of years of enjoyment.

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Green Walls, Living Walls & Food Walls

Green walls make your landscape stand out. They’re like green roofs, only they’re vertical, not horizontal or sloped. Sometimes, they’re referred to as Living Walls. Green walls are covered in plant materials. The plants either grow on mats—in soil, or an inorganic growing medium—or else they’re hydroponic (i.e., growing in water). Often, they’re used for purifying recycled water. Like green roofs, they can cool buildings and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Lawrence Park created a mobile Food Wall for one visionary client. In the summer, we planted it exclusively with edible plants that the client could pick and use in her cooking. In the fall, we converted it to an autumn-themed plant display. In the winter, we filled it with evergreens and Christmas decorations. It wasn’t just a Green Wall. It was a living work of art.

Living Playgrounds

This is another innovative area that we’re delighted to be involved in. Living playgrounds use natural materials like living plants to create more imaginative and natural play areas for children. They connect children with the natural environment and have been found to encourage more creative and cooperative play. Logs, boulders, native trees and shrubs define spaces and provide inspiration for kids’ imaginations while being beautiful and inviting spaces that seem to belong in a back yard. For more on our environmental sustainability initiatives see our Platinum LEED® Certified Gardens section.