Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Toronto


To run at peak efficiency, sprinkler systems need to be thoughtfully built.

Some plants need more water than others. Some metabolize water better early in the day or late at night. An irrigation system that is not designed to accommodate your needs will be wasteful and more expensive in the long term.

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We provide irrigation system design and installation that take into account the botanical makeup of your Toronto property and the geography of the land (drainage and accumulation of groundwater are important factors we look at.)

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Custom Irrigation System
Designed for Your
Garden in Toronto

Once we’ve installed your sprinkler system, we want to help keep it running at peak efficiency by providing essential related services, like:

  • Seasonal Service and Maintenance – For most of our clients we make regularly scheduled service calls to inspect your Irrigation system and make any adjustments needed. This can include things like adjustments to the volume of water used across different seasons. Our seasonal service considerations have a significant impact on the overall health and appearance of your lawn and garden.
  • Spring Opening and Fall Closing – Every spring we do a complete inspection of your irrigation system. Our team inspects every part of the system and delivers a report to you before the watering season begins. In the fall, our team helps to choose the right timing to hibernate the system and blows out any remaining water, ensuring plants and equipment are properly prepared for the winter.

Contact us today for your sprinkler system installation and complete lawn & garden care service and our expert team will help you get exactly what you want.

Why Go Custom?

Our custom irrigation systems are fully automatic and programmed to treat each microclimate zone differently.

Standard systems treat the sunny side of your lawn the same as the shady side, the low areas the same as the high ones, the exposed areas the same as the sheltered ones.

These systems can turn parts of your garden into a swamp, wasting water and your investment in plants.

We guarantee you’ll see results this season if you enlist us for your sprinkler system’s installation and regular service. Contact us today.

Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Any technician can buy a standard irrigation system and plan a basic sprinkler installation.

Toronto has plenty of contractors with fundamental sprinkler installation experience, but all too often they don’t calibrate the system to meet your garden’s unique needs.

This means wasted water (and the bills that follow) and drowned plants. Sometimes the results can be more severe, causing damage to the foundation of your home.

Take a look at our gallery or portfolio of awards and let our work do the talking.

Sprinkler Installation to Help Your Home Garden Thrive

Our irrigation services are designed and customized by an irrigation professional with a horticultural and landscaping background.

We not only understands plants and how much water each variety needs, but can identify your garden’s microclimates and design a system tailored to each zone.

This results in a sprinkler installation Toronto’s homeowners can trust.

How It All Works

Our irrigation team leader will visit your home for an initial consultation and walkthrough. We’ll meet with you and tour your garden to evaluate specific needs.

We’ll design a unique system that’s tailored to your garden’s makeup and your expected outcomes. After all, sprinkler installation is different with every property.

Because the system is automated, a summer of travel for your family won’t mean a summer of neglect for your plants

When you’re ready to talk sprinkler installation contact Toronto’s most trusted and recognized garden care. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

Sprinkler Maintenance and Service

To water your garden most effectively, your sprinkler or irrigation system should undergo seasonal service and maintenance.

A plant can require more or less water depending on the stage of growth it’s in. Some need water at different times as the summer heat wears on.

For most of our clients we make regularly scheduled service and sprinkler repair calls to inspect your system and make any adjustments needed.

You will see the difference

Your irrigation system is finely tuned to cater to the specific plants you have in Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, North Toronto, Bridle Path and Hoggs Hollow.

Something as small as a pebble or a chunk of mud can obstruct a sprinkler head and affect the quality and quantity of water your garden receives.

A regular visit from one of our experts will ensure your garden doesn’t go more than a few days if something like this happens.

You will be able to watch your garden grow more robustly than the neighbours and because your system is timed and well-tuned, your water bills will be surprisingly low.

Save water later in the season

Plants are like kids. They need a lot of fuel when they’re growing, but their thirst and appetite even out as the growing slows.

With our experts performing seasonal service and maintenance on your sprinkler system, you’ll notice your water expenses dropping quickly in late summer and early fall.

Without regular inspections by our staff, your home water consumption could be costing your family much more than it has to.

Our regular maintenance schedule also helps plan the best time to perform a fall closing on your sprinkler system.

Contact us today to talk about a seasonal service and maintenance schedule that will work for you.

Sprinkler Activation and Closing

Your sprinkler system will come under a great deal of stress as the seasons change.

Freezing conditions can be hard on any outdoor system, and your irrigation system is no exception.

It needs to be thoroughly prepared as the fall comes to an end and carefully inspected during the spring thaw to continue working as intended.

Preserve Your System Through the Winter

Nearing the end of the fall, timing is everything.

Your sprinkler system needs to be blown out (cleared of all standing water) and placed in hibernation at just the right time.

Turning off the water too early can mean you deprive your trees and shrubs of important end of season nourishment before the winter.

Closing the system down too late can place unnecessary stress on the valves, seals and pipes across the entire system.

Our experienced team will schedule your system shutdown just right so your plants get the nourishment they need and your equipment is protected for the winter.

Spring Activation & Water Audit

Even properly hibernated sprinkler systems can experience problems as the ground thaws. In the spring, we do a complete inspection of your irrigation system.

A team of certified irrigation technicians will examine your controllers, heads, risers and identify any problems.

You will know that everything is working right even before the growing season starts! This is one of the many reasons our clients choose us.

When you’re ready to schedule your seasonal sprinkler service, give us a call.

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