Toronto Garden Planting


Plantings are the heart of any landscape. They add flair, function and, when done right, value to your home. If your property needs a refresh, it’s wise to focus on the plants. At Lawrence Park, we have vast plant knowledge that we can use to your benefits. Here is what you should know about the effect of plantings on your property.

Plants go in and out of season just like the colour on your walls. Adding new plants and a new style of garden can update your Toronto property, making it feel more modern and stylish.

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Plants are Investments in Your Property Value

Well designed plantings are an investment in the value of your home. A thoughtfully planned garden will increase the curb appeal of your home, improve functionality and compliment the style of your home itself. If you’re considering selling your home, improving the garden is a key area to focus on. Not only will it help with the overall look of your property, but gardens can add other benefits such as protection from wind and sun where it is needed, and improving the local environment.

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Unique Styles with Plants

Gardens are popular in virtually every culture, sparking an endlessly evolving range of styles to work with. Here are some popular basic styles that you can explore and can adjust to your own liking:

Cottage Garden: A rustic style of informal garden using a mix of hardy and traditional perennials and shrubs.

Prairie Style: With late-blooming annuals and native grasses, this style seeks to mimic the natural look of the prairies.

Jungle Style: Combine several tropical plants and place them close together to create a jungle garden look.

Urban Garden: Typically a more refined style of garden that suits a smaller space. An urban garden can transform a smaller space into a soothing escape that softens the “concrete jungle” of the city.

Contemporary Garden: Simple lines and very little plant diversity create a clean and uncluttered look in your outside space. A contemporary garden done well creates a deceptively simple feel.

Native Garden: While not a style; per say, working with native plants and encouraging pollinators in any garden is a benefit to all. Not only does it help with your local bird and butterfly population, native plants also provide food and shelter for birds as well!

Our Plant Knowledge

At Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, plant knowledge is one of our biggest strengths. We offer decades of combined experience among our staff. Understanding which plants are suitable for which application is key to a successful landscape. There are a myriad of choices to select from, and it’s vital that each plant suits the final design, as well as its environment. We match your preferences, with a new garden that will provide years of enjoyment. Lawrence Park also has the experience to provide knowledgeable care to ensure your new garden thrives!


The Function of Plants

Different plants can add different functions to your green space. Or, the space as a whole can add a unique function, depending on its design. Here are some possible functions you can achieve with your space:

  • Clean the air
  • Cool your green space
  • Protect water quality
  • Clean the environment
  • Support local pollinators
  • Minimize noise

If you want a landscape that is truly functional and beautiful, and one that will be an asset to your life and increase the value of your property, then reach out to us at Lawrence Park.

Contact us today for your complete lawn & garden care service and our expert team will help you get exactly what you want.