Lead Landscape Designer, Project Manager

Raina Mullen To help build on her childhood love of watching gardens grow and change, Raina attended Humber College for the Landscape Technician Program. She joined Lawrence Park Garden Care in 1998 and has only continued to expand her knowledge and experience, accumulating a number of landscape design accolades for her practical and elegant designs. Among these accomplishments, Raina was a key part of the team that won Toronto’s first Platinum LEED Canada certification for a green residential property. Clients love working with Raina, because she knows exactly how to craft their vision into a final design that reflects their individual tastes and styles. Not only is she able to achieve a contemporary landscape or English garden a client is looking for, but she can also offer expert guidance about how to meet their practical every day needs, from controlling rainwater to designing a space with dogs in mind. Raina pushes the envelope of landscape design not just with her visionary ideas but with her exceptional organizational skills as well. Every project Raina develops has a realistic estimate and timelines, and her clients can always feel confident that she will complete their projects on time. For Raina, landscape design challenges are an opportunity to astound. She has extensive experience with all hardscape and construction related activities for landscapes and loves working on natural gardens and anything else that can meet and exceed her client’s needs.