Front Yard Landscaping Tips & Trends

Urn with flowers in Front Yard

It’s no secret that the landscaping in your front yard says a lot. It shows the level of care you put in as a homeowner, it helps your house stand out from others in your neighbourhood and it can boost the resale and intrinsic value of your home. When the aesthetic of your front yard is just right, it makes you proud to pull into that driveway.

Of course, keeping your front yard in pristine condition takes work, and keeping up with the latest front yard landscaping tips and trends requires some help from the experts. Here are some trends to watch for this year.

Lower Maintenance Lawns

Having a front lawn that requires little maintenance but also looks great is something that most homeowners can get behind. Low maintenance turf and plant life that is simple, yet elegant will be part of landscape design trends in 2020. Complexity isn’t always necessary to get the look and the feel you want, and if you can reduce the workload and get the same result, it’s a win-win.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Bringing indoor-type living spaces outside is usually reserved for the backyard, but there’s no rule saying you can’t combine some indoor and outdoor living in the front yard, too. Comfortable chairs, throw cushions and small sofas can be the perfect complement to your front yard landscaping and elevate your property to anyone that passes by.

Majestic Natural Stone

Adding natural stone never goes out of style, and it will still be fashionable in 2020s. Whether it’s a walkway, staircase, retaining wall or patio stones, natural stone can take your front yard to new heights. There is a multitude of different types, styles and installments to choose from, and finding just the right combination to match with the rest of your front yard landscaping will help your house stand out from the rest.

Roof Top Garden

Adding a Rooftop Garden

Although not technically a front yard, a rooftop or balcony serves the same function for people that live in condos and apartments. A balcony garden or rooftop oasis allows you to remain in touch with nature while living in an apartment. Having a beautifully maintained garden on your balcony or on a rooftop provides the best of both worlds. Whether it’s flowers, plants, grass, stylish accessories or a combination, we have the urban landscaping experience to get the job done right.

Hire a Professional for Front Yard Landscaping Today

If you haven’t quite decided what you’d like to do with your front yard, we have all the answers you need. Just get in touch with the landscaping experts at Lawrence Park today and we can go over your options and design a front yard you’ll love in 2024 and into the future.