Tiny Space Mighty Garden

When you have a small garden, every square inch counts. While those with sprawling spaces can afford to spread out their plants, in a small yard you have limited space and need to pack things in as efficiently as possible. You can still have a very productive and beautiful garden in a small yard. Here are tips on […]

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Organic Lawn Care Tips

Chemical run-off from lawn treatments can be a serious problem for your local environment, wildlife and even our own children and pets. You may want to try maintaining your lawn organically, without the use of these chemicals, to protect the environment and your family. Switching to an organic method of lawn maintenance is simple if […]

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How Proper Lawn Care Leads to a Better Life

Lawn care from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care is essential to keep your grass looking beautiful with things like: Precision cutting Aeration Slit seeding Ongoing maintenance (such as dethatching) As a result, your lawn will be lush, green, healthy, and the envy of every homeowner in your neighbourhood. In addition, professional lawn and garden care […]

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