5 Modern Landscape Designs for Your Toronto Home

Modern landscape design has several interesting elements that you may want to bring into your own landscape. Forget crowded English cottage gardens. Modern designs are geometric, with a range of materials, an emphasis on hardscaping and lush greenery. These gardens are often more in line with our values of sustainability and low maintenance than other landscaping styles. Not sure […]

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Guide to an Eco-Friendly Yard

The home building industry has embraced green methods in leaps and bounds. Although every aspect of the home has been addressed, many homeowners overlook their outdoor space. While the interior of your home and the materials used seem a logical place to start, the exterior of your home can also benefit from eco-friendly options. From […]

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Growing Plants Outside in the Winter

Winter tends to be associated with chilly, dull landscapes. But there is no reason for your estate to lack beauty, even during the coldest months. By incorporating the use of colorful winter urns and planters with hardy winter plants such as pansies that can withstand these conditions, you can have gorgeous displays straight through until […]

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