3 Beautiful Softscape Designs to Add to Your Landscaping Project

Irish moss close up

We have all spent too much time mowing and weeding our grass lawns. There is also the issue of water consumption. Many modern softscape designs will push drought-tolerant alternatives to grass that are beautiful and practical.  

What is Softscape Design? 

Softscape design refers to the domain of landscaping that is the vegetation, plants, and all things living. Softscape landscape design is all about planning what you will plant and deciding where everything will go. The key to good softscape design is discovering the right plants for landscaping in relation to your needs, home, and climate.  

Having all the hardscaping (i.e. concrete walkways, retaining walls, etc.) in place prior to the softscaping is essential. Our list of softscape designs will give you some landscape design ideas you can incorporate for a more beautiful outdoor space.  

1. Plant A Clover Lawn with Cedar Along the Fence Line  

Clover is a wonderful alternative to grass because it is drought-tolerant and insect resistant. It is also highly effective at keeping the soil healthy and free of weeds. With clover as the main ground cover, you can expect to do far less weeding, watering, and mowing than you would with a conventional grass lawn.

If you want privacy, cedars along the periphery will work. If the space is big enough, you could plant a big tree like a black willow or sugar maple as the main focal point.  

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2. A Rock Garden with Moss and Junipers 

Looking for something more rustic, with plenty of that out-in-nature authenticity? One way to make your yard look more like a forest is to go for a rock garden and use moss as the primary ground cover. Moss is virtually maintenance-free and will grow in those shady areas where grasses struggle. Also, the exposed rock will provide a beautiful feature that will never require attention – unless a dog decides to dig underneath one!  

If you place the rocks carefully enough to create small changes in elevation, plants like junipers and others that grow well on slopes will thrive. If you have one of those invasive burning bush shrubs and cannot seem to contain it, try isolating it on a high spot surrounded by ground cover.  

3. A Meadow Garden with Shrubs 

The idea behind a meadow garden is that it combines the practicality of ground cover with the splendid aesthetics of a garden. You can plant things in neat, formal rows or plant two or three varieties (i.e. sweet woodruff, lamb’s ear, and sedum) together in odd-numbered clusters to achieve the look of a natural forest meadow. Either orientation will look great with the odd weeping pea shrub in there to break things up. 

Work With a Professional Softscape Designer Today

All of the ideas above promote a natural, regenerative softscape ecosystem. If this is appealing to you, talk to a professional at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care. We can give you a much better idea of what your yard needs as you work through the process.