3 Must-Do Maintenance Steps for Your Interlocking Stones

Interlocking Driveway & Pathway in Grey interlocking stones - 3 Must-Do Maintenance Steps for Your Interlocking Stones

Interlocking stones make any outdoor space look sharp. But to keep them that way, a bit of upkeep is needed. Let’s break down three straightforward steps to keep your interlock stones looking their best. 

1. Give Them a Good Wash 

First things first, dirt and stains don’t belong on your beautiful stones. Grab a power washer and give them a thorough clean. This step knocks off the dirt, grime, and any unwanted green guests like moss and lichen. Just be gentle – you want to clean them, not damage their surfaces.  

2. Fill Them in with Polymer Sand 

After washing, any gaps between the interlock stones need some attention. The easiest thing to do is fill them with polymer sand. You can purchase this sand at most home improvement or gardening stores. Designed to keep everything tight and right, it stops weeds in their tracks and keeps ants from turning your walkway into their playground. Plus, with time, it hardens up to keep your stones in place. 

3. Contact a Professional 

Sometimes, it’s best to leave interlock maintenance to the experts. An annual check-up by a professional landscaper can address things you might miss like a stone starting to wobble or a spot where water’s pooling. They’ve got the skills to fix these issues before they turn into bigger problems. 

Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care Offers the Services You Need 

Keeping your interlocking stones in top shape is all about regular care. Wash them, fill them, and when in doubt, call an expert for maintenance. This way, your outdoor space stays pristine, and your stones last longer. 

For premium landscaping services, Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care knows how to install, maintain and repair interlocking stones. Contact us today to revitalize your outdoor space. 

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