3 Ways Custom Stone Increases the Value of Your Toronto Home

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Does adding stone to the front of a house add value? How about other spots? Many experts agree that adding stone to the interior and the exterior of your home can greatly increase its value. But by how much? We’ll explore how custom stone can increase the value of your home and what kind of percentage of your costs you can expect to recoup. 

1. Stone Veneer is a Cost-Effective Upgrade

Adding a stone veneer to the outside of your home can dramatically modernize and upgrade its looks. You do not have to cover the entire structure with stone veneer. Instead, you can mix stone and the home’s pre-existing brick or siding to create an exterior that stands out from the neighbours and attracts attention. This option also allows for more creativity and gives you an opportunity to give your Toronto home a unique look, even if you live in an area where most of the homes look the same.   

2. Stone Landscaping Features Boost Property Value

Stone is one of the most sought-after materials for landscaping features, by homeowners and buyers. You can use natural stone in many different parts of your landscaping to help attract and delight potential buyers and increase the functionality of the property. Some of your exterior stone landscaping options include: 

  • Walkways: Stone walkways, especially those that connect different parts of your home’s exterior, are great options. 
  • Edging: Garden edging done in stone adds a high-end feel to any garden. 
  • Patios: Stone patios are among the most valuable choices, as they add beauty and function, especially in yards that are currently plain. 
  • Retaining walls: A retaining wall can help correct property slope issues. 
  • Fencing: Even small amounts of stone fencing add significant character to a property. 

How much value will these various stone features add to your home value? It is hard to be specific here, but there are some signs you’re on the right track. Stone provides the most value when it fulfills a need the property has, looks great and matches a buyer’s expectations, is a unique feature or, is an expected feature in your neighbourhood or market. 

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3. Interior Stone in the Home Provides Intrigue

There are also places where you can install stone inside of your home, but the benefits are a bit more uncertain. Some options include divider walls, fireplace accents, kitchen island upgrades, kitchen backsplashes or, framing a doorway. Using stone on the inside of your home provides less of a wow factor than on the exterior, but it can still add to the uniqueness of the space and boost the overall value of your home.  

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