4 Estate Landscape Design Ideas for Maximum Privacy

4 Estate Landscape Design Ideas for Maximum Privacy

Sometimes you enjoy it when passersby stop and admire your estate landscaping from the street. You appreciate it when they take notice of things like:

On the other hand, you might have certain areas you would like to remain private and hidden.

Those are the special places where you can relax and enjoy a feeling of peaceful solitude, even though you live in one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Here are some landscape design ideas to create additional privacy without transforming your backyard into a fortress.

  1. Install a privacy fence

Privacy Fence Toronto

A customized privacy fence from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care can shield parts of your backyard landscaping without compromising its appearance and openness.

For example, you can build a privacy fence around things like:

  • Outdoor dining patio.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Your favorite spot to curl up and enjoy a book.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a privacy fence is that, while they do create an element of seclusion, they will not make your landscaping feel small or enclosed.

  1. Plant privacy trees

If you see too much of your neighbour’s property (or vice versa), planting a row of privacy trees is a great way to naturally introduce an element of isolation.

Like the privacy fence mentioned earlier in this blog, a row of tall trees will block ground-level prying eyes from your property.

Privacy trees also have height, thus creating an organic sense of surrounding and safety.

If you’re thinking about privacy trees, you should consider the following fast-growing :

  • Beech
  • Hornbeam
  • Katsura

Thuja Green Giant is also a good option as it matures. They grow to be 12-18 feet wide. So when you plant young trees, they must be significantly spaced out, and don’t provide immediate privacy.

  1. Raised garden beds

A stone-walled raised garden bed features the best of all worlds:

  • Immaculately built stone wall running the length of whatever area you wish to conceal.
  • Beautifully planted flowers (which we will gladly provide award-winning garden care for).
  • A concealed location for growing plants and enjoying your backyard.

Raised garden beds do not have to be excessively tall or wide, either.

Something that is approximately 3 feet in height and 5 feet in depth (of course, the length is determined by the area you wish to privatize) should suffice.

  1. Living walls

Vertical garden, green wallLiving walls come in all shapes and sizes.

The “classic” living wall is simply a row of smartly placed and neatly trimmed hedges. They are not as expansive as planting privacy trees, but they are just as effective and alluring.

For something more unique, living walls from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care will make your landscaping stand out and be private all at once.

Vertical living walls are incredibly versatile, too:

  • They can be planted on mats, in soil, or on an inorganic growing medium.
  • Just about any plant materials (including fresh veggies) can be used on a living wall.
  • Living walls can be converted to reflect the changing seasons.

With a living wall, your landscaping remains private, but it never stays the same, either.

Colours, plants, textures; they all change, grow, and can adapt to whatever atmosphere you wish to create.

Looking to enhance the privacy of your estate landsaping? Contact Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care

Our team of designers and builders will work with you to develop privacy options to enhance your landscaping, not detract from it.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments. You can also request an on-site consultation with our experts.