5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Condo Balcony in Toronto

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Your balcony is your opportunity to connect with nature every day. However, it all too often feels like a concrete block. How do you inject it with life, style, and the kind of atmosphere that you want, whether it’s cozy or refreshing? Here are some ideas for your condo balcony in Toronto that can liven it up. 

1. Condo Balcony Vegetable Garden 

You can grow select vegetables in a garden if you’re willing to take up space with potted plants or restrict yourself to plants that don’t need much soil. While heavy feeders like potatoes and tomatoes and sprawling plants like squash and pumpkin, might not be the best condo balcony idea, there are plenty of plants that can fit the bill, including: 

  • Green beans 
  • Peas 
  • Lettuce 
  • Kale 
  • Peppers 
  • Cucumber 

Many herbs can also be grown on balconies in window planters. 

2. Best Balcony Furniture Ideas 

Try to choose small but plush and comfortable options for your balcony furniture. Some of the best options include: 

  • Folding chairs 
  • Folding side tables 
  • Armless chairs 
  • One chaise lounge 
  • Small loveseats 
  • Rattan-style chairs 

3. Getting More Greenery 

What if there are just not that many plants you can fit on the balcony? We suggest you add an artificial grass tile to the floor of your balcony. The small space will seem brighter and greener, and you won’t need to maintain, mow or water the grass. 

You can also add more greenery by adding hanging plants above your balcony. Not all condos allow this, so you should check with your condo board before you attempt to attach the plant hangers. 

As for the few plants that you can fit on the balcony? Maximize their impact by picking only one or two colours, along with green. That’ll make your space feel vibrant and cohesive, instead of cluttered. 

4. Water Features 

We know, it doesn’t seem like something you’d be able to do on a balcony. But, you can actually buy small water features that are electrically powered and place them out on your balcony. It’s a great way to add tranquility to the space and make it feel like more than just a concrete rectangle. 

5. Lighting 

You shouldn’t just rely on your interior lights to light up the balcony. Adding dedicated lighting can make the space more pleasant and functional at night. String fairy lights across the railing to add a gentle light to the whole space. Or, add lanterns and candles to the space to light up different areas. 

Who says you can’t landscape a small space? At, Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, we’ll help you create the ultimate condo oasis. Contact our team today!  

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