5 Modern Landscape Designs for Your Toronto Home

Manicured backyard design

Modern landscape design has several interesting elements that you may want to bring into your own landscape. Forget crowded English cottage gardens. Modern designs are geometric, with a range of materials, an emphasis on hardscaping and lush greenery. These gardens are often more in line with our values of sustainability and low maintenance than other landscaping styles. Not sure how to get this design into your own yard? Here are modern home landscaping ideas to get you started. 

1. Horizontal Fences 

Fences with natural wooden boards running horizontally are a useful and very modern option for your landscape. While a fence may seem like a bad idea for a small space, it can actually help create privacy and make the space seem larger. You can pair it with other modern landscape designs for small spaces, such as climbing plants, fairy lighting, and shallow beds at the base of the fence. 

2. Concrete Walkways 

When you think of modern garden pathways, you probably think of large slabs of smooth concrete. They are often positioned a bit apart, and you might have moss or grass growing between them. Concrete has the advantage of being easy to pour and offering a great contrast to the texture of plants nearby. It can also work well along the edges of pools. Combine it with other modern pool landscape design ideas, such as simple square decks, recessed lighting, and built-in umbrellas for shade.   

3. Rock Gardens 

Rock gardens can add texture and interest to a garden without requiring the maintenance or effort of a completely plant-based garden. We’re not saying you should get rid of all of your greenery for the rocks but instead focus on adding a few high-value plants to an otherwise rocky space. This is an excellent idea for a modern front yard as well as the back yard. 

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Rock Garden

4. Plant Organization Ideas 

When you are adding plants to your space, how do you keep it looking modern? Firstly, focus on one or two main kinds of plants. Perhaps you’ll choose native grasses and shrubs, or succulents and vines. Either way, try to plant an odd number of plants in a straight line. This keeps things looking organized and therefore modern. 

5. Lighting 

One hallmark of modern landscape design is the clever use of lighting to highlight major features as well as provide ambiance, safety and security. Place lighting beneath trees, large rocks, and other major features. By shining upwards they highlight the element and add atmosphere to the landscape. 

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