6 Steps to Stunning Landscape Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and when it comes to your estate, it’s no different.

Landscaping for curb appeal is a growing trend among Toronto homeowners, and for good reason.

Proper front estate landscaping creates a beautiful curbside view, leaves guests and neighbours with a strong impression, and increases your home value.

Regardless of your personal style, estate décor or design, and existing landscaping, these six steps will transform the front of your home into a stunning, attractive space.

Beautiful curb appeal


1. Use your home as a scale

Since your front lawn landscaping will be complementing your home, it is important to take your home’s existing design and size into consideration.

Many of the homes we service at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, are large, beautiful estates.

If you also own a larger home, be sure to use larger plants and incorporate lots of repetition in your landscaping design. This way, your landscaping will be easily seen from the street.

For example, small flowers will be harder to see from the curb. Instead, use larger shrubs, hedges and trees that line pathways or complement the size or shape of your estate.

2. Consider hardscaping

One of our favourite landscaping elements that lasts year-round, regardless of the weather is natural stonework, or hardscaping.

From winding natural stone pathways, steppingstone walkways, garden beds, seating areas and steps that lead up to your front door, hardscaping is an essential component to a stunning front lawn landscaping design.

3. Add colour!

Use your landscaping as a way to bring pops of colour and vibrancy to the front of your estate.

  • While the colour of your home should be in consideration when choosing landscaping plants, adding contrasting plants can create an interesting and unexpected twist as well.

For example, a neutral coloured home will look beautiful with subtle pops of colour from your garden beds and flowering shrubbery.

On the opposite side, if your home has a green trim, try adding various shades of greens to your landscaping for a flush of colour.

The gradient of light to dark greens will look stunning and sophisticated from the street.

4. Brighten things up with landscape lighting

At night, illuminate your landscaping with a lighting installation that highlights elements you want so show off, such as:

  • Walkways and footpaths
  • Stone steps
  • Certain garden elements

Seasonal urn

5. Think about the seasons

Your lush landscaping looks beautiful and colourful throughout the spring and summer months, but once fall and winter hit, your landscape is completely barren.

Don’t settle for an uninviting and foreboding landscape!

Instead, ask your professional landscaping team to include:

  • Perennials, or plants that have winter interest
  • Structural design elements, such as fountains and sculptures
  • Trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Decorative, seasonal urns

6. Add privacy to your estate

When designing your front lawn landscaping, you want to make your estate look appealing and inviting, but you most likely value some privacy as well. But can you have both?


If you are looking to add some privacy in your yard without building a large fence or wall, consider a buffer of shrubs or trees in varying heights and sizes.

Are you ready to transform your front lawn? Let us help!

Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care has been providing the greater Toronto area with luxurious landscaping services for 30 years, and we can do the same for you.

When you are ready to transform your front lawn, contact us and speak with one of our professional landscaping experts.

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