8 Fall Landscaping Jobs to Have Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care Handle for You

Early fall is the best time to tidy up your front yard and backyard landscaping and to get it ready for the harsh winter ahead.

That is why you should contact us at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care so we can take care of these 8 fall landscaping jobs for you.

Job 1: Spread one last layer of fresh mulch throughout your garden

Before the temperature really drops, our experts will spread one final layer of mulch all throughout your estate landscaping.

This is why it is so importan

  • Throughout fall and leading into the cold winter, the moisture and elements your plants need to grow are scarce.
  • Fall mulching protects the roots from freezing temperatures. At the same time, a thick layer of fresh mulch prevents moisture from being lost in the wind and cold.

One more thing you should keep in mind: We only use natural, organic-rich mulch. As it inevitably breaks down in winter, it becomes an extra source of nutrients for your soil.

Job 2: Get rid of dead or decaying flowers, plants, and branches

There are 3 reasons removing old growth is a very important garden care task:

  • Having us take it away now means you will not have to look at it during the winter; especially if it interferes with elements such as natural stone landscaping or outdoor lights.
  • Dead plants or flowers make ideal nesting and breeding spots for certain animals (such as mice) in winter.
  • Low-hanging branches and slick leaves make for potential tripping hazards. Since walking in winter can be tricky, it is wise to remove such dangers prior to winter.
  • It is much easier to remove tricky deadfall in the relatively mild winter instead of the terribly cold winter.

Job 3: Close your sprinkler system for the year

Timing is everything when it comes to your sprinkler system:

  • Close it too early….and your cutting off valuable end-of-season lawn and garden care for your landscaping.
  • Close it too late….and the system infrastructure (i.e. values, seals, and pipes) are placed under extra stress than they should be.

That is why we take into account things like local forecast and current condition of your landscape design before deciding when to finally shut your system off.

When the time does come for fall closing, our team performs a thorough, step-by-step shutdown process that includes:

  • Blowing out standing water.
  • System audit of heads, risers, and other components.

Job 4: Protecting fragile outdoor plants

For plants that cannot be brought indoors, we will wrap them up with burlap or other plant coverings to keep them protected all winter long.

Job 5: Lawn preparation

At Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, we want your lawn to come back next spring as healthy and vibrant as it can possibly be.

That is why we perform specific fall lawn care tasks to get your grass ready for winter:

Leaf removal: Wet and heavy leaves left on your lawn can lead to disease or illness. This is because moisture is trapped under the weight and sunlight cannot get through

Dormant Fertilizing of Turf : Throughout dormancy, turf has a decreased ability to defend itself from various diseases and pests, so by applying fertilizer the plant is able to better manage various lawn problems and give it a bost in spring time.

Job 6: Washing and cleaning stonework

Over the course of the year, your stone walkways, driveways, and patios may have become stained or discoloured.

That is why we will powerwash your natural stone landscaping and treat it to ensure it is protected for the winter.

 Job 7: Thorough weed removal

Although this is something Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care handles all year long, we give extra close attention at this time of year.

In addition to being annoying, weeds are hearty. They can grow in just about any type of weather environment.

Even in late fall and winter, it is possible for weeds to grow and spread throughout your lawn. This can even occur under a thick blanket of snow.

That is why weed control at this time of year is so important.

Without it, weeds would continue to grow and choke your lawn all winter long and leading into spring.

Job 8: Divide fall perennials for spring bloom

Your perennials may need to be divided at this time of year due to things like:

  • Overgrowth.
  • Garden crowding.
  • Sharing with friends.

Whatever the case may be, autumn is an ideal time to divide and replant perennials in the fall.

Our team will bring the tools and experience needed to properly divide and replant your favourite fall perennials.

Since perennials fall into four categories:

  • Clumping
  • Spreading.
  • Woody.
  • Taproot.

We will take great care to properly dig, divide, and replant your perennials based on their characteristics and requirements.

Let us help you with all your fall landscape jobs

Whether it is the jobs featured in this blog – or something else that is unique to your garden – we can help you with whatever you need this fall.

To start, contact us with your questions, comments, or requirements.

An experienced member of our team will get back to you quickly to personally discuss your fall landscaping needs.