Bulbs to Plant in Fall for a Spring Bloom

Now is the perfect time to get an early jump on spring  garden care by planting some fall bulbs so that we can enjoy their display in the spring.

Two wonderful bulbs plant in autumn are daffodils and alliums. Here’s why:


They need to be planted in the fall so that they have the time to establish roots before the freeze. Daffodils also need to be exposed to the cold of winter before they’ll bloom in the spring.

Squirrels don’t care for daffodils, so they won’t be dug up by them during the fall and winter. And daffodils are best planted in natural drifts of approximately 8-10 bulbs throughout the garden.


Purple Allium flowers in Boston’s Public Garden

Like all fall planted bulbs, alliums need to establish roots before the ground becomes frozen.

Alliums are also members of the onion family, so animals are unlikely to dig them up due to the onion flavour.

Lastly, alliums come back every year and are an interesting, unique addition that’s certain to make your garden stand out.

Many options to choose from

There are many different types of daffodil and allium bulbs that will create an eye catching spring display.

Below, you’ll find some of the popular and attractive varieties that are certain to produce brilliant colour in your backyard landscaping or front yard landscaping once spring rolls around.


Here are two of the many varieties of daffodils which you can find at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care when you’re ready to start your fall planting:

Dutch Master Trumpet Daffodil

The “classic” looking daffodil, these are the striking bright yellow beauties people often associate with daffodils.

Extremely versatile, Dutch Masters are perfect additions for back or front yard landscaping.

They also feature the traditional flaring trumpet and flower associated with daffodils.

Not only are they beautiful, they’re also renowned for their:

  • Sturdiness
  • Hardiness
  • Longevity, great for naturalizing in the garden or lawn

Ice Follies Large Cupped Daffodils

Ice Follies are early bloomers who’ll showcase their white petals with a wide, soft yellow trumpet in late April to early May.

These daffodils are great for naturalizing in the garden too.

Best of all, their natural beauty is perfect for both formal garden settings and casual garden environments.


Alliums come back every year and they only need to be divided every 5-7 years.

Unlike daffodils and tulips, alliums are a later blooming bulb. In fact, they usually bloom at the same time as peonies and often serve as a complement to summer annual displays.

The flower heads of alliums dry very nicely on their stalks, meaning you can even keep them in the garden long after they’ve fully bloomed for an attractive graphic element.

There is lots of variety when it comes to alliums. They can have small flower heads or be as large as soccer balls.

Plus they come in a variety of colours:Wild leek (Allium) white flowers growing in the garden.

  • White
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Purple
  • Red-Purple

Two of the more spectacular alliums you’ll find at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care are:

Purple Sensation Allium

These plants can grow up to 3’ tall and feature vivid purple spherical blooms which can reach up to 4” in diameter.

Globe Master Alliums

Globe Masters are a variety of the “giant” alliums because they can grow up to 4’ in height with 10” diameter blooms.

Their giant size, combined with their rich purple colour makes them a unique addition to the garden.

Keep in mind that because of their large size, it’s best to place them towards the back of the garden bed.

Have more questions about fall planting? Just ask us

We love helping homeowners throughout Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods get a head start on their fall seasonal planting projects.

And we love seeing the results when the spring finally arrives.

It’s truly a sight to behold.

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