Common Landscaping Mistakes According to Experts

Street lined by trees in the fall

Forgetting about fall and even winter landscaping can be a big mistake that leaves your green space in disarray in the spring. Here are the late-season landscaping mistakes you should avoid, along with some practical tips about what you should do.

Forgetting Fall Lawn Care

After your last mow of the lawn, it could still use some work in order to be in peak condition come the spring. Here are a few things you should consider doing in the fall:

  • Aeration: Aeration is about removing thatch, which develops all growing season. So, the end of the growing season is the perfect time to do it.
  • Fertilizing: Your lawn will need nutrients very early in the spring, so it is best to add them now and give them time to activate, especially if you’re using timed formulas.
  • Weeding: Ignoring even small weeds in fall will give them a head start in the spring. Remove any you can before the snowfalls.
  • Removing leaves: The grass will need to get the first rays of light after the snow melts in order to recover. If the grass leaves are covered in leaves, they will miss out on early sun and may be slow to grow.

If you need help to clean up or prepare your garden and lawn for the winter contact us today.

Forgetting Bulbs

The earliest spring flowers are from bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils. These need to be planted in the fall so that they will bloom in the spring.

Man with a gloved hand pruning a shrub

Cutting Down Everything

While many plants need to be cut down or trimmed back in order to bounce back next year, not all of them do. And those plants that don’t are often critical shelter and food for beneficial insects and wildlife. Each plant has different needs, so we suggest that you look each one up to decide if it is necessary to cut it back or if it could be healthier for your landscape to leave it in place through the winter.

Storing Tools without Cleaning Them

Once you’ve done all of this maintenance, be sure to clean the dirt off your tools and store them somewhere dry so that they will stay in good condition.

Your beautiful landscaping does not have to fade away as the sun fades in the fall and winter. Take the time to maintain your landscaping in the fall and winter and reap the benefits in early spring. For all your fall and winter landscaping and maintenance contact the experts at Lawrence Park.