Easy to Grow Wall Climbing Plants

Climbing roses

A wall-climbing plant is a great way to add life and colour to the side of your home, your retaining wall, your back fence, or a trellis. However, many climbing plants are hard to manage and grow slowly. If you want that beautiful living wall look, but you don’t want to wait a few years or manage the plant too closely, you need to choose your species carefully. Here are several of the easiest to grow wall climbing plants we use to make our client’s yards lusher.


If you want a flowering plant on your wall, that is truly low maintenance and a great climber, then Clematis is a smart choice. This simple climbing vine needs almost no care, and flowers delightfully for months at a time. While the most common Clematis varieties have purple flowers, there are many other options including white, red, pink, and others that are mixtures of colours. Ideally, you want to provide a Clematis with full sun to get the best blooms, but it can live with less sun. Also, make sure that you have a vine Clematis, some are bushes, and they will not climb your wall.


Those who are looking to add rich, textured greenery to their wall, but don’t care much for flowers, will love ivy. There are many varieties of ivy that grow easily and without any maintenance in our Canadian climate. English ivy, oriental kiwi, and Boston ivy are great choices. If you’d like to grow a native species, consider Virginia creeper. This hardy ivy turns red in the fall, adding seasonal interest to your yard. Almost all kinds of ivy are great choices for spaces with a lot of shade.

Add some greenery to your home this season. To learn more about wall climbing plants, contact our professionals at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care today.

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climbing plants

Climbing Hydrangea

To make your backyard feel like a romantic retreat, there is almost no plant better than climbing hydrangea. Cousin to the garden staple bush hydrangea, this vine has the same familiar sprays of dozens of tiny white flowers. It is slower to grow than the other climbing plants on this list, but it still doesn’t need much maintenance so long as it is in part or full shade. Make sure that you’ve chosen the climbing version and add several plants to help cover the wall faster.

Climbing Roses

You can get the beauty of roses without spending a ton of time protecting them from disease, managing their frost sensitivity, and pruning them down. There are a handful of climbing roses that are less maintenance than others. Most need full sun. We recommend Dublin Bay, Iceberg, Cécile Brunner, and Altissimo.

Enhance your home with some wall climbing plants. To learn more or to set up a living wall, give our team at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care a call today.