Is Your Garden Ready For The Winter? (Checklist)

As the last few summer days disappear and the leaves begin to change, so should your yard and garden maintenance habits. The fall is the perfect time to prep your garden for the colder temperatures. Keep reading to learn how to get your garden ready for winter.

How to Get Your Garden Ready for The Winter

What does fall landscaping maintenance entail, you ask?

  • Readying your plants and grass for the winter months for when your plants go dormant
  • Optimizing spring regrowth
  • Ensuring estate protection and safety during the winter months, including leaf removal and dealing with snow mould through dethatching

With this helpful checklist, you and your property are well-prepared for the freezing months that winter brings.

Prep Your Landscaping & Garden For Winter

  1. Garden clean-up
    • Store any lawn furniture and toys
    • Do your last fall raking
    • Cut your lawn short and apply dormant fertilizer for its roots
  2. Care for your plants
    • Cut and trim dead growth on perennials to ensure regrowth in the spring
    • Cover winter sensitive plants in burlap
    • Cover roses with soil for ideal protection from the winter weather

Want Us To Do It For You?

If you don’t have the time to prep your outdoor area for the winter, or simply want us to handle it for you, contact us and request a consultation!

At Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care, we have been prepping landscapes for winter for over 25 years, and we have established the most advanced and personalized lawn and garden services for all your needs.

  • Save time and achieve a manicured look with grass cutting, lawn care, and edge trimming
  • Balance and enrich your lawn through organic fertilization, aeration, and slit seeding
  • Prepare your greenery for the winter season with fall garden cleanup
  • Close your irrigation systems

Get Your Free Garden Service Guide!

Over the past 25 years, we’ve established the best ways to accomplish the healthiest, most beautiful landscaping, and we want to share that with you.

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