How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Fall Landscape Projects

Did you know that an appealing, well-managed outdoor space can add up to 15% of the overall value of your home? Whether your yard is a blank slate, or just in need of a spruce up and a bit of maintenance, putting in some time and effort can pay off in the long run.

Undergoing some outdoor improvements will boost your enjoyment of the property now and benefit you when it comes time to sell your home. The key is to look at your seasonal upgrades strategically. Let’s consider some improvements you can make for this fall season and how best to approach giving your garden a makeover.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Taking on a Fall Landscaping Project

It’s a good idea to think about why you want to make improvements in the first place. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help determine where you want to go with your landscape project:

1. What is your goal?

Is your backyard your favourite place to be? Do you use it for entertaining?  Or is it a private space you use to relax and recharge? Only make improvements to your landscape that you’ll actually use.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a zen garden or an upscale front yard landscape. Take time to research what you truly want, so you can create the perfect outdoor space for your needs.

2. What is your budget?

Think about the future. How will you use your space once your children have grown? Are you planning on selling in the next few years? If so, you’ll not only want to make money back on your investment, but you’ll need to think if your yard will appeal to potential buyers.

It may be a wise idea to reach out to a local real estate professional and ask what buyers in your area are most attracted to. That’ll help you appeal to them.

Keep your neighbourhood and where you live in mind. Spending significantly more money on your landscape than your neighbours may not pay off. Although, you do want your home to be perceived as among the best in the neighbourhood, so matching or slightly exceeding your neighbour’s investment is generally a wise idea.

3. Can you maintain it?

Are your plans too ambitious? Can you keep up with the work? Strive to maintain whatever landscape you have so that it maintains its value for the long term. Whether you have a huge lawn, or no lawn, or even a tiny outdoor space, look after it.

Be sure that your landscape will maintain its’ style over the years as well. Avoid trendy fads and stick to simple setups with classic materials and designs.

Do Your Research Before Landscaping in the Fall

However you plan to redo your garden, it’s definitely worth researching and really thinking about what you want to achieve. After all, you want to create the ideal outdoor haven for you and for any potential buyers. So, take the time this fall and get the most out of your landscape projects one step at a time.

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