Heroes & Villains: Beneficial & Harmful Insects for Your Garden (Infographic)

Not all bugs are bad.

In fact, many can help with your garden care by:

  • Providing pollination services
  • Eating pests that damage plants
  • Removing harmful organic waste

How do you know which are friend and which are foe?

This infographic (click on it to view a larger version) from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care shows you which insects to attract to your backyard landscaping and which to keep out.

Heroes & Villains - Heroes & Villains: Beneficial & Harmful Insects for Your Garden (Infographic)


Natural ways to keep harmful insects at bay

When it comes to preventative lawn & garden care, there’s no need to reach for harmful pesticides.

Instead, have our team of experts protect your garden naturally by:

  • Designing to prevent problems: Our landscape designs are mindful of prevention; we select plants that are pest resistant, suited to the environmental conditions, and provide the right habitat to combat insect pests.
  • Building healthy soil: Good soil with lots of organic matter promotes strong root growth and disease resistance. And when plants are healthy, they’re more able to withstand pest attacks.
  • Providing ongoing garden care: By monitoring your garden carefully, we’ll be able to spot potential bug attacks or infestations and deal with them accordingly.

Let us help protect and preserve your garden

Worried your garden is being overrun by harmful insects?

Want to attract beneficial bugs instead?

Looking to remove destructive pests naturally and organically?

We can help with all of that – and much more.

Contact us for an on-site consultation.

We’ll come to you, inspect your property and answer any questions you have about pest management and your garden.