How to Make a Small Backyard Look Bigger

modern backyard patio

Sometimes in life, more of something isn’t always better. This can be especially true for yard size. Owning a larger yard generally means more work, energy and money need to go into maintaining it. A smaller yard actually offers a variety of benefits.

Namely, a small yard is less expensive to add landscaping to and beauty can be easily obtained through simpler features rather than trying to fill the area. There’s less maintenance in terms of laying soil, watering and removing weeds, as well as trying to control pests. A small space is also more intimate for gatherings with family and friends. What more could you want out of a backyard?[1]

No matter the size, here are some tips on how to make a small backyard look bigger and transform your space into the perfect place to entertain, unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

Ideas on How to Improve a Small Backyard

small yard with garden

There are a number of simple tricks to help make a small backyard look nice and truly optimize the space you have available:

  • Divide into smaller areas. This might seem counter intuitive, but dividing your yard into smaller areas actually gives the yard more space and will make it appear larger than it actually is. Try creating a small sitting area, garden beds and small vegetable garden all framed by stepping stones to open up the space.
  • Use open-patterned furniture and decorations. When choosing furniture or garden decorations, select items that have open backs or slats. This will naturally create the illusion of space. Try using open back chairs, small glass tables and large-holed trellis. Also, try buying furniture that can easily be folded and put away when not in use to add extra space while entertaining.
  • Utilize walls and fences. It’s helpful to get things off the ground when you can. Items like garden boxes, flower pots and pull-down seating can all be added to pre-existing walls and fences to allow for more ground space. This is an area where you can really get creative.
  • Select the right plants and flowers. You need to get the most out of your yard, and the flowers and plants you choose can go a long way. Look for full plants that offer great color, such as hydrangeas, evergreens and ornamental grass, but won’t overcrowd the space. Another option is to mix a couple different sized plants as a focal point in one central area, such as a simple pop of candytuft with some shrubs.
  • Don’t skimp on the details. Having a smaller space means adding the best pieces you can to it. Find decorations that are truly unique and suit your tastes. Try repurposing items such as old watering cans into plant or flower holders and tuck them into walkway spaces or hang them along a fence to create a distinct and fun look that will be a great conversation starter.[1]

If you have any garden or landscape deign questions, the experts at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care have you covered. Whether you want to know how to make a smaller yard look bigger or other ways to enhance your outdoor space, contact the lawn and garden professionals today.