4 Organic Lawn Care Tips According to Experts

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Chemical run-off from lawn treatments can be a serious problem for your local environment, wildlife and even our own children and pets. You may want to try maintaining your lawn organically, without the use of these chemicals, to protect the environment and your family. Switching to an organic method of lawn maintenance is simple if you follow these steps.

1. Choose the Right Grass

If your grass isn’t right for your climate or your lawn conditions, it will require significantly more maintenance and often even chemical intervention for weed control. Therefore, it is very important that you start your lawn off right with a cold season grass (here in Canada) that can handle your traffic needs and your light conditions. We can help you get the right species for your lawn.

2. Organic Soil Improvements

Your grass can only be as healthy as the soil it grows in. There are many organic ways to improve your soil that don’t rely on chemical treatments. The simplest is with organic fertilizer, which you can apply once a year to boost the soil. If you’ll be tearing up your grass to put down a new type, then you can also add other organic amendments to the soil such as peat moss.

3. Weed Control Strategies

Healthy lawns shouldn’t develop weed problems that are too aggressive. Typically, when they do, the cause is something we’ve already covered like having poor soil. However, even the healthiest lawns will get some weeds. The best organic method of weed control is to remove the weeds by hand as soon as you see them so that they don’t have a chance to seed.

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4. Careful Watering

Organic grass should have a well-developed root system that helps to see it through droughts. However, over or under watering it will still do some damage. In order to encourage that deep root growth, it is important to really soak your grass, down to the depth of six inches, when you do water it. However, you should, therefore, water it sparingly. That much water every week can soak the lawn too much and encourage lawn pests like fungus and mold.

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Having an eco-friendly and organic lawn starts with using the correct techniques in building your lawn. At Lawrence Park, we start the job right and ensure your lawn can be maintained organically. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly landscaping and maintenance techniques.