Seasonal Irrigation Adjustments Your System Needs

Sprinkler system in use watering lawn - Seasonal Irrigation Adjustments Your System Needs

Here’s what happens during your spring sprinkler activation service from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care.

1. Make Sure the Soil Isn’t Frozen

In early spring, when the sun is shining and temperatures are warming up during the day, the ground may seem thawed out.

However, it’s entirely possible the soil under your grass is still frozen.

If you start your sprinkler system while night time temperatures are still dipping below zero and the ground is frozen, you can damage pipes, heads and risers.

Before we activate your sprinkler system for the spring, will make certain that the soil is thawed to a depth of 12”.

2. Inspect Your Controller

Irrigation system controller maintenance includes:

  1. Checking the program settings to make sure they still meet your watering needs
  2. Replacing the battery for reliable performance
  3. Checking the wire connections and switches

3. Look For and Remove Debris

Even small pebbles can cause damage to your irrigation system and create a malfunction.

Your Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care Certified Irrigation Technician will check for stones, grit, sand, soil and other kinds of obstructions that can block the flow of water through sprinkler heads and the micros in your pots and planters.

Uneven water distribution can result in some areas of your lawn & garden getting too much water, while others won’t receive nearly enough.

Malfunctioning sprinkler heads can cause stress to your landscaped areas, which can open the door to insect damage and disease.

This can be a problem for the homes in the areas we service in north Toronto, such as Lawrence Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Hoggs Hollow and Bridle Path.

4. Repair and Replace Old or Damaged Components

Your nozzles and sprinkler heads are designed to handle the demands of irrigation.

But time, combined with the freeze/thaw cycle of winter and other elements such as pets, children and snowplows, can cause additional wear and tear on the components.

We look for leaks as well as worn or cracked components in your irrigation system:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Nozzles
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Rises

And we repair or replace them for you as necessary.

Landscaper checking sprinkler heads

5. Check the Valves

Valves are the heart of your sprinkler system and checking them is a big part of the spring assessment.

They are responsible for regulating the water distribution throughout your irrigation system.

A leaky or damaged valve wastes water and increases your water bill in the process.

We visually inspect each valve and ensure it is working properly. We also rinse your low-flow filters.

And before we turn on your system, we make sure all hose bibs (interior and exterior) are closed.

If you find any excessively wet or muddy areas in your lawn, it could be the result of a leaking valve (which we repair for you).

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6. Prevent Water Hammer

When a valve is first opened, a high-pressure surge of water can rush through.

That’s called water hammer and it can burst pipes and damage valves.

Running water through your sprinkler system for the first time in spring must be a gradual process.

The main water valve must be opened slowly to allow the pipes to fill up in a controlled manner.

Otherwise, water hammer could occur and seriously damage your sprinkler system, resulting in costly repairs.

Multiple Sprinkler heads on watering lawn

7. Check the Coverage

Once all systems are inspected, your Certified Irrigation Technician will run your system and walk through of all the zones, looking for complete coverage of your turf areas and planted zones.

Our experts will also evaluate and adjust water pressure to ensure the sprinkler system is not wetting hard surfaces and fences – wasting water and money in the process

Activate Your Sprinkler System the Right Way With Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care

Our sprinkler activation process ensures your system is opened safely and runs smoothly all year long.

It also saves you money by reducing water consumption.

Contact us today to book your spring activation service.

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