The 9 Newest Trends in Urban Landscape Design

urban home deck

Challenge spawns creativity, and in urban landscape design there’s lots of opportunity for creativity. New trends in urban design seek to push out the sights, smells, and sounds of the city that encroach on your outdoor space. Other urban designs work with these elements. Here are a few suggestions to spark your imagination.

Weathered Steel

Weathered steel is a material that forms a rust-like appearance after years of exposure to weather. Use it as a planter to connect your urban garden to the surrounding urban landscape. A measured touch of this material in urban landscape design adds warmth, but its best used sparingly.

Design from Above

A unique feature of urban landscape design is that your outdoor space will likely be viewed from above (by you or your neighbours). Embrace this with graphic elements that look interesting from above; irregular patterns in patios, for example. Privacy from above is another factor to consider in the urban landscape.


Not only is symmetry hard to maintain, it feels stuffy. Asymmetry is best for the modern urban garden.

Simple and Layered

Restricting your garden to only a few plant varieties creates a calming, contemporary space to relax in. You can still create a lush feel with strategic placement. Keep smaller plants in front and push larger plants towards the back. These tall plants will act as screening for your urban garden.

Native Plants

Local plant varieties are popping up more often in urban landscape design. This is a great development with lots of wonderful environmental benefits, but don’t shy away from mixing in non-native varieties either.

Divide Large Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space, consider segmenting your urban garden with privacy screens. A big trend in urban landscape design is to create “outdoor rooms”, spaces within your garden with distinct feels.

Blur Indoor/ Outdoor Space

urban outdoor living space

A smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space makes your home feel more connected to your garden. It also can make your living space feel larger, a key factor of urban design.

Add Water Features to Any Space

The sound of water gives your something to focus on and offers a distraction from the noises of the city. Even a small feature helps if it involves water running, falling, splashing, or gurgling. Water features may also attract birds to your garden, adding to its natural feel.

Wow Factor

When creating your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to have a focal point. Something memorable that ties your urban landscape design together. The water features mentioned above may do this, or, if you’re able, a fire pit is another great option.

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