The Best Types of Ivy for Your Living Wall

beautiful ivy living wall

Living walls are great, space-effective ways to add greenery when you live in the city. You set up a trellis or wall structure and allow a vine to cover the wall. The result is a vibrant, lush space with more privacy that also feels more natural. Ivy is one of the best plants for a living wall, as there are many species of ivy that will grow in Canada without needing winter shelter or heat. Ivy is very low maintenance and will keep your wall green for most, if not all, of the year.

Still, that doesn’t narrow it down quite enough. There are more than a dozen ivy species that grow in Canada. Here are the best types for your living wall.

Virginia Creeper

The single most versatile ivy, Virginia Creeper is an excellent choice for your living wall. It can handle anything from sun to full shade. It can adapt to plenty of soil conditions. Once established, it requires almost no maintenance, which is why you’ll also see it growing wild in many parts of Ontario.

Despite the fact that Virginia Creeper is such a prolific grower, it is still a prized plant for its beauty. In fall, its green leaves turn red, adding a whole new colour to your space. It also produces small blue fruit that will bring birds to your yard (and are inedible to humans).

English Ivy

There are different kinds of this classic ivy. Our suggestion is “Baltica.” Like Virginia Creeper, English Ivy will accept a variety of different sun conditions, from full sun to full shade. However, it is a bit pickier about soil, preferring moist clay that is common in Toronto. It will take more time for English Ivy to get established, but once it is, you’ll be rewarded with year-round greenery.

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brick wall covered in ivy

Boston Ivy

If you have a yard that is a bit more wet than average, or you have sprinkler systems set up, you may want to add Boston Ivy to your living wall. The plant makes large dark green leaves with three points that will turn bright red in the fall, adding variation to your space. It also handles a range of sun conditions, from full sun to full shade.

Climbing Honeysuckle

What about any ivy with more prominent flowers? Climbing honeysuckle is a lovely option. It produces yellow, bell-shaped flowers that contrast well with its dark green leaves. Honeysuckle needs more sun than some other ivy types, and some variations may be invasive, so double-check with your landscaper before you add it.

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