Urns Don’t Just Belong On Your Steps. How to Use Them in Your Garden.

If you take a stroll through any neighbourhood, chances are you’ll find beautifully planted urns brimming with colourful annuals adorning the entranceway of most homes along the street.

These decorative urns help create a warm and inviting space, but you don’t have to limit urns to your front steps.

Here are a few creative ways to incorporate urns into the rest of your landscape to create interest and contrast within your garden.

Seasonal urn displayDefine an outdoor space using urns

If you’re looking to define a specific area in your garden, seasonal urn displays are an excellent option, especially if you’re looking for a temporary solution.

Containers can be placed along the border of a patio and lawn to create the illusion of an outdoor room.

If you want screening and privacy for this space, planting ornamental grasses in your urns is a great choice.

But remember container grown ornamental grasses aren’t as hardy in pots.

Urns are a great way to keep pests awayHow to use plants in containers to keep pests away

Creating a grouping of smaller urns on your patio table can add interest.

But depending on the plants you choose, you can also help to keep the bugs away.

By incorporating a few of these plants into your urn plantings, you can create a planter that will be beautiful to look at.

And you’ll also create a planter that provides a valuable service as you sit outside and enjoy your outdoor space with fewer insects bugging you.

Here are a few plants that naturally repel insects:

  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Catnip
  • Marigolds
  • Basil
  • Peppermint

Using urns as an element of design in the garden

Seasonal garden urn

Urns are incredibly versatile. They are available in all different shapes, colours, and sizes and they can easily be placed in a garden to create an interesting element of design or focal point.

Strategically placed, urns can provide landscape design solutions to difficult places or they can be used to create framework for your landscape or to draw your eye towards a specific spot in the garden.

Adding an urn to a flower bed or border can also introduce a splash of colour.

Especially if you want to add some tropical plants like a Hibiscus or Mandevilla that need to be relocated indoors towards the end of the gardening season.

Think vertical when using urns

Pots and containers aren’t limited to being left on the ground, so use your imagination and look up. Vertical gardening is a great way to add interest to an otherwise blank space.

By using planters specifically designed to be mounted to a flat surface, you can create a lush wall of foliage and blooms.

You can also plant large urns with climbing plants like mandevilla  and provide a trellis for the vigorous climber.

Create a lush garden with urnsCreate a lush garden in an empty spot

Even a balcony, terrace or deck can be transformed into lush paradise with a few containers. Not only do they add visual interest, fragrance and colour, an empty spot can easily enhance an outdoor living space.

Another advantage to a container garden is that you can update and refresh the plants as the gardening seasons change. Think bulbs and pansies in the spring, colourful annuals in the summer with trailing foliage and mums and annual grasses in the fall.

Find your urn at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care

Whether positioned on your patio, deck, entryway or in the garden, urns can easily be used to enhance your outdoor space.

For more great ways to use urns in your garden, contact the garden experts at Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care.