What are the Best Plants to Put Around the Pool?

Pool in a well maintained backyard

Pool landscaping really elevates the look of your backyard. It integrates the pool into the rest of the space, as well as adding colour, texture, and scent. The right plants can also make your pool a more private space. 

However, you shouldn’t place just any plants by the pool, as some can make cleaning the pool more challenging. Others may not be able to take the glare of the full sun, which can be even more intense next to the water. Here are options that we consider to be the best plants to put around the pool.   

Ornamental Grasses   

Ornamental grasses are becoming a popular landscaping option in general, never mind just by the pool. Instead of trimming it down like you do your lawn grass, you let a patch of this grass grow tall, showing off its unusual colour and texture. 

Many kinds of grass can take the intense heat of being poolside. Plus, they add some degree of privacy, without you needing to install a privacy screen. 

Here are some ornamental grasses you could consider: 

  • Japanese blood grass (Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’) 
  • Blue Fescue (Festuca glauca) 
  • Aurea (Carex elata) 
  • Turkey foot (Andropogon gerardii) 

Vines and Climbing Plants    

Speaking of adding privacy, few landscaping features will do that with more style and beauty that vines and other climbing plants. Simply set up a trellis or other structure for them to climb, and they will fill it in with lovely foliage and flowers—and maybe even fruit! 

As a bonus, many of these plants smell great, which is an often-overlooked element of a great poolside garden. Just don’t choose plants that create a lot of mess, like roses, or you’ll be picking petals out of your pool for weeks.

Here are some vines and climbing plants you could consider: 

  • Trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) 
  • Clematis (many varieties) 
  • English Ivy (Hedra helix)

Backyard pool

Succulents and Palms   

Succulents palms are perfectly capable of handling the high heat conditions at the poolside, in fact, they will thrive there. Plus, they can help you fulfill any goals you have for creating a water-efficient garden that doesn’t need much maintenance. Succulents and palms evolved in dry climates and almost never need to be watered. In fact, you will need very well-draining soil to keep water away from them.   

Of course, you should place your palms in containers so that you can bring them inside in the winter. 

Here are some succulents and palms you could consider: 

  • Sempervivum 
  • Sedum 
  • Crassula 
  • Mediterranean Fan Palm 
  • Fruitless Olive 

You have the pool and now you want it to be beautifully landscaped, call Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care and we will take care of your pool landscaping needs.