When to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system in use

Garden prepping for winter in Canada is no small task. We have to wrap the trees, rake the leaves and get ready for the snow to fly. Forgetting about your underground sprinklers is something you do not want to do—for all their convenience could turn into one big, costly headache with just the slightest seasonal negligence.  

The time and money involved in installing an in-ground sprinkler system is an investment you want to protect. In climates like Canada, one of the biggest risks to your system is having the pipe walls crack or even burst as a result of water that has been left inside that proceeds to freeze, expand and damage the interior of the pipe. 

You’ll want to winterize your sprinkler system before the first freeze of the season, and in our part of the world, it’s better to play it safe as soon as you see the seasons starting to change. You’ll be in the same boat as countless others in and around your town or city, so preparing for this part of the year is crucial for the maintenance of your investment. 

How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System  

Depending on the type of irrigation system you have, there can be a number of ways to get it ready for the winter season. Some systems have a manual draining method that utilizes valves at the high and low points of the piping. Others have an automatic draining method that starts to relieve the system of excess water once the water pressure falls below a certain level. 

In Canada, however, the most trusted way to ensure that no water is left in your lines is by using what’s called a “blow-out” service.  

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Air Compression to Winterize Your Sprinkler System 

Specialized contractors have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to perform a sprinkler blow-out safely and effectively. Doing this by yourself is possible but not typically recommended. A qualified professional will use compressed air with specialized fittings to ensure that all water has been removed from the system and will conduct inspections before and after to make sure your sprinklers are ready for hibernation. 

How to Turn on Sprinklers After Winter 

Turning your sprinklers back on in the spring is another step that needs to be treated with care. It involves an understanding of where the main shut-off valve is and being able to correctly identify the vacuum breaker.  

These aren’t necessarily difficult things to learn, but sometimes it’s just easier to leave it to the professionals. The last thing we want to do is put undue stress on a system that we have worked so hard to maintain and protect over the frigid winter months here in Canada. 

Sprinkler System Blowout in Toronto 

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