Winter Landscaping: 6 Cold-Weather-Proof Ideas For Your Yard

Frontyard landscape during winter

Just because the temperatures drop and the sunlight fades early doesn’t mean you should neglect your yard in the winter. A snow-covered property may look whimsical all on its own, but can you do landscaping in the winter? Luckily, you can!

There are many winter landscaping features that are both beautiful and functional. Here, we discuss six of our top winter landscaping ideas for your yard.   

1. Decorate Trees   

Christmas isn’t the only time you’re allowed to decorate trees! You can enjoy tree ornaments that add sparkle, shine and a pop of colour to your landscape all year round. To avoid a festive theme, use neutral or subtle colours and consider decorating with natural or nature-inspired objects such as pine cones, tree boughs and wooden decorations. With longer nights, you’ll also get more out of illuminating trees and other garden features with spotlights and fairy lights.  

2. Plant Evergreens  

Evergreen trees and shrubs can effortlessly brighten and enliven your landscape during the dead of winter. Not only are they low maintenance, but evergreens also provide refuge and shelter to various creatures all year long.  

3. Display Potted Plants  

Decorating your yards, walkways, and outdoor spaces with potted plants can elevate their look all year long. Luckily, several types of hardy plants do well in pots and urns in the winter. 

Here’s a list of the best winter plants for pots, including some that flower: 

  • Violas 
  • Pansies 
  • Boxwood 
  • Jade plant 
  • Lily of the valley 
  • Yew 
  • Cypress  

4. Focus on Hardscaping  

Winter is the best time of year to tidy up your garden, whether it’s by pruning shrubs, trimming trees or clearing out overgrown beds. In this season, it’s best to adopt a “less is more” mentality since the snow will bury garden beds and blanket other softscape features. That’s why winter is the time of year that hardscaping truly stands out, be it statement sculptures, ornate archways and even stylish benches. 

5. Incorporate Plants with Berries  

To add more colour to your winter scape, you should consider incorporating plants and shrubs that bear fruits and berries. Fortunately, many plants hold onto their fruit well into the fall and winter, such as holly, juniper and mountain ash. These plants also provide food for birds and other small critters that will help bring your yard to life throughout the coldest months. 

6. Showcase Bark and Textures  

Last (but certainly not least) on our list of winter landscaping tips is to use bark and textures to highlight your yard. As leaves fall away from trees, you see more of their branches and bark, which provide their own unique visual appeal. Trees with textured and patterned bark, such as white birch, make for a beautiful outdoor winter display. 

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