How to Protect Your Trees & Shrubs This Winter

Canadian winters can be harsh on your plants.

The wind, freezing temperatures, snow and ice can damage foliage, bark and injure or kill branches and roots.

So, aside from snow removal, how can you protect your landscaping during the coldest time of the year? Here are our best tips to protect your plants this winter!

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4 Steps to Winter Tree, Shrub and Evergreen Protection

Newly planted trees and shrubs will need some extra help to survive frigid temperatures.

How can you protect your trees and shrubs? Start with these 4 steps.

1. Water, water, water

If you have young plants in your garden, it’s important to thoroughly water them throughout the fall up until the ground freezes.

The roots of newly planted trees and shrubs haven’t had the proper chance to establish their roots, so proper watering is vital to their survival during the winter.

2. Add a layer of mulch to your plants

After the frost hits and the ground is frozen, adding a layer of mulch around the bases of young plants, trees and shrubs will help to insulate the soil.

Mulch helps insulate the soil so it stays frozen and prevents heaving, but it’s important to leave a bit of space between the mulch and the trunk to allow breathing room.

3. Wrap burlap around your shrubs

Protecting your young winter shrubs is made so much easier with burlap. Simple burlap secured with twine is a typical method, but you may also purchase specific thermal tree wraps that are meant to endure all season long, through rain, snow, and strong winds to cover trees. If you have a large property with few trees or no fence, erecting a windbreak can also assist to lessen how intense the wind is.

Surround your newly planted shrubs with burlap to prevent them from freezing or browning. New transplants or shrubs that were planted late in the season are especially vulnerable to frigid temperatures and need protection like burlap to survive the winter.

4. Invest in tree guards

Scavenging animals such as mice and rabbits are known to ravage tender tree bark.

An easy way to protect your young trees is by adding a plastic or wire tree guard.

Wrapping the trunk with burlap or paper tree wrap is also a great way to keep it protected from animals or winter weather.

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