Growing Plants Outside in the Winter

Winter tends to be associated with chilly, dull landscapes. But there is no reason for your estate to lack beauty, even during the coldest months. By incorporating the use of colorful winter urns and planters with hardy winter plants such as pansies that can withstand these conditions, you can have gorgeous displays straight through until […]

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How Proper Lawn Care Leads to a Better Life

Lawn care from Lawrence Park Complete Garden Care is essential to keep your grass looking beautiful with things like: Precision cutting Aeration Slit seeding Ongoing maintenance (such as dethatching) As a result, your lawn will be lush, green, healthy, and the envy of every homeowner in your neighbourhood. In addition, professional lawn and garden care […]

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6 Steps to Stunning Landscape Curb Appeal

First impressions are important, and when it comes to your estate, it’s no different. Landscaping for curb appeal is a growing trend among Toronto homeowners, and for good reason. Proper front estate landscaping creates a beautiful curbside view, leaves guests and neighbours with a strong impression, and increases your home value. Regardless of your personal […]

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